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Get Java

  • If you can play Stendhal, you already have Java and can skip this step.
  • If you do not have java installed, please download it
    (if you are on Linux, use your packet manager)

Get Eclipse

Git-configuration in Eclipse

* First you need to tell Git about yourself: 
  Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Git -> Configuration
* Click New Entry and enter 
  Value: <your fullname or your nickname>
* Click New Entry again and enter
  Value: <your email address> (e. g. <your sourceforge username>

This information is stored in ~/.gitconfig (Linux) or %USERPROFILE%\.gitconfig (Windows) and will be used by Git to identify who did change the history of the repository.

Get Code

* File -> Import... -> Git -> Projects from Git -> Next
* Clone...
  URI: ssh://
  (changing USERNAME to your own source forge username)
  User: <your sourceforge username>
  Password: <your sourceforge password>
  Store in Secure Store: Select that if you want
* If you have trouble at this stage try restarting eclipse and try again
* Select all branches if not already selected (fast anyway) -> Next
  Initial branch: master 
  Remote name: origin
  (should already be inserted)
* Let it import everything
* Select the repository you just cloned -> Next
* Wizard for project import: Use the New Projects wizard -> Finish
* New Project wizard will open
* Select Java -> Java Project -> Next
* Give it a name (marauroa will do)
* The other defaults are okay
* Finish

While perferforming the ssh connect you will be asked to accept the fingerprint of the server. Please validate that against the Sourceforge Fingerprint Listing

Trouble Shooting

menu Windows | Preferences | Java | Installed JREs

  • there should be at least one entry with a valid JAVA_HOME path

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