HTML5 Support for Marauroa

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This article describes work in progress.

The official release version of Marauroa consists of client and server libraries written in Java.

There is currently work underway in the git branch "perception_json" to add support for HTML5 clients written in JavaScript. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to create HTML5 games with Marauroa. Therefore we have ported the client/server communication protocol to JSON and provided a JavaScript implementation of the Marauroa client. It will keep track of the state of the world and handle all the complex communication issues such as the Delta² algorithm.

Design Principles

  • Allow HTML5 and traditional clients interacting with each other on the same server
  • Hide the complex details and provide a nice API
  • Game logic should not need to handle HTML5 clients differently from traditional clients.
  • Stay true to the Arianne principles

How to contribute

The basic concepts of Marauroa have been ported. Before we do an official release, we want to ensure a stable API.

We are looking forward to real world testing and feedback.

As a proof of concept both the Text chat tutorial and a very basic HTML5 implementation of Stendhal have been done.

Please follow the instructions for the experimental Stendhal environment to setup your own HTML5 game.

Bug reports, help with documentation and feature requests are very welcome.