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What is the current state of development?

Marboard is a proof of concept. It already supports multiple users working together over the Internet on one board. The board can be saved and loaded.

How can I use my own server?

Marboard is currently missing a dialog for account creation and login. It simply creates a random account on the standard server. When you start Marboard you can add a command line parameter to use your own server.

Can I have multiple boards? What about permissions? A Chat window to coordinate the work?

Those are all things that very easily done in the backend, but we are missing a user interface at the moment.

I want to help. In which area is help most needed?

The backend processing (network communication, database access, account management, etc.) is fine. We are, however, missing experience in Java User Interface coding using the Swing toolkit. Therefore progress in the user interface is only slowly progressing.

What is the best way to get support or to get involved with the project?

Please see the article Chat with other users and developers. {{#breadcrumbs: Marboard | Testing | FAQ }}