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Marboard is an early prototype so there is still a lot of work to be done.

If you want to help, please have a look at the Chat. We are especially looking for help in the area of the Swing GUI.


  • Text (a shape that displays text) (#2842780)
  • Dumb arrows (not connected to other shapes) (#2842785)
  • Smart arrows (that stick to other shapes) (#2842786)
  • Login (a login dialog instead of a hardcoded account) (#2842918)
  • Shapes (a way to select shapes, to recolor, move, or delete them) (#2842924)
  • Highlights (new shapes created by another user should be highlighed for a couple of seconds) (#2842925)


  • Persistence (boards should be stored to database) (#2842927)
  • Multiple boards (support for creating, deleting and "teleporting" to boards) (#2842928)
  • Undo (ctrl+z or something in the menu) (#2847283)

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