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this page is a work-in-progress


Currently, the weapons & equipment system of Stendhal is somewhat random. Items have been added as needed for different levels without the regard for a class system. Using a class system would help to keep track of which items are best at what levels. It may also be more fun for players working up to acquiring & being able to use those items.

Please remember that the propositions here are currently suggestions. More discussions is needed to properly determine equipment levels & effectiveness.

In a class system, there are two types of classes: material & build. 1) The material class is what the equipment is made out of & determines the base effectiveness of the item & the level at which the item can be equipped or used. 2) The build class determines the build type or build quality of the material (e.g. chain armor vs. plate armor or dagger vs. long sword) & determines supplemental effectiveness.

For weapons, material & build both determine the atk level & rate. Weapons of better quality material will have higher atk & lower rate relative to the weapon type. E.g., an iron dagger may have atk 2 with rate 3, while a mithril dagger may have atk 5 with rate 1. Weapons of heavier build but of the same material will have stronger atk & slower rate. E.g., an iron axe may have atk 5 with rate 9, while a mithril axe may have atk 10 with rate 7.

Defensive equipment is more simple: Material determines base def of item & build determines additional def. E.g., iron chainmail may have def 5 while iron plate armor may have def 7. Mithril chainmail may have def 10, while mithril plate armor has def 18. Same for shields & other equipment: Iron buckler shield vs. iron tower shield. Iron chain legs vs. iron plate legs. Etc.

Cloaks are most likely always made from a type of cloth material, so it may be that they do not follow the same naming convention as other hardened equipment.


Established items: There are already plenty of weapons & defensive equipment implemented. Introducing new equipment has the potential to just make more of a mess. Most likely, we will need to update/convert many of the old items so players don't lose what they have worked for. This does not mean that we want to replace or get rid of all current equipment. We may want to keep some unique items that do not fall under the category of a certain material. For example, viking helmet.

Overly complex: We will need to avoid overly complicating the system for both player & developer. We especially don't won't to overwhelm the development team with making a complex system that is hard to maintain. As mentioned before, we could implement a build class for each material class (e.g. buckler shield > kite shield > tower shield), but it may be better, at least in the case of defensive equipment, to have only one build type for each equipment class (e.g. 1 mithril shield, 1 mithril armor, 1 mithril boots, etc.). For weapons, we already have somewhat of an established build class of sorts (e.g. dagger/knife = fast & weaker atk, sword = mid speed & mid atk, axe/club = slower & strong atk) & would probably be best to keep it as this works well with the current ATK/DEF XP system.

Weapon Build Types

Currently, our weapons generally consist of knives or daggers, swords, axes, & clubs or hammers. This should be modified to follow a strict system where rate of attack rate is determined by weapon build type.

Rate determined by build type & material (better quality material means lower rate):

  • knives/daggers: 1-3
  • sword: 4-6
  • axe: 7-8
  • club/hammer: 9-10

Example: A wooden dagger may have rate 3, while a mithril dagger has rate 1.

Note: special exceptions for some items such as training sword & l/r hand swords.

Affected Weapons

weapon class old rate old atk new rate new atk
axe axe 5 12 7 17 (rounded up from 16.8, slightly stronger)
bardiche axe 9 33 8 29 (rounded down from 29.33, slightly weaker)
battle axe axe 6 15 7 18 (rounded up from 17.5, slightly stronger)
black halberd axe 9 57 8 51 (rounded up from 50.67, slightly stronger)
durin axe axe 9 47 8 42 (rounded up from 41.78, slightly stronger)
halberd axe 10 40 8 32
chaos hammer club 8 42 9 47 (rounded down from 47.25, slightly weaker)
black sword sword 7 40 5 29 (rounded up from 28.57, slightly stronger)
broadsword sword 10 34 6 20 (rounded down from 20.4, slightly weaker)
chaos sword sword 9 32 6 21 (rounded down from 21.33, slightly weaker)
claymore sword 10 36 6 22 (rounded up from 21.6, slightly stronger)
demon fire sword sword 10 58 6 35 (rounded up from 34.8, slightly stronger)
fire sword sword 7 30 5 21 (rounded down from 21.43, slightly weaker)
great sword sword 15 60 6 24
imperator sword sword 3 14 4 19 (round up from 18.67, slightly stronger)
orc sword sword 10 24 6 14 (rounded down from 14.4, slightly weaker)
orcish sword sword 9 38 6 25 (rounded down from 25.33, slightly weaker)

Material Classes

Leather & Wood

This is the lowest class of materials & is optimal for players beginning at level 0. Weapons are made of wood. Defensive equipment is made of leather or wood, as in the case of shields.

Min level: 0

Wooden Weapons
Build ATK Rate
knife/dagger 1 3
sword 2 6
axe 3 9
club/hammer 4 12
Leather/Wooden Armors
Slot Build DEF
armor/chest leather vest 1
boots/feet leather shoes 1
boots/feet leather boots 2
cloak leather cloak 1
head leather hat 1
head leather helmet 2
hand wooden buckler 1
hand wooden kite shield 2
hand wooden tower shield 3
legs leather pants 1


Min level: 5

Iron Weapons
Build ATK Rate
knife/dagger 2 3
sword 3 6
axe 4 9
club/hammer 5 12
Iron Armors
Slot Build DEF
armor/chest chain 2
armor/chest chest plate 3
armor/chest full plate 4
boots/feet boots 3
cloak ??? 2
head helmet 3
head barbute 4
hand buckler 4
hand kite shield 5
hand tower shield 6
legs ??? 2


Min level ???

Mithril Weapons
Build ATK Rate
knife/dagger ??? 1
sword ??? 4
axe ??? 7
club/hammer ??? 9
Mithril Armors
Slot Build ATK Rate
armor/chest ??? ???
boots/feet ??? ???
cloak ??? ???
head ??? ???
hand ??? ???
legs ??? ???

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