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Step 7. Run Stendhal server as localhost

Creating a new user account and logging in with the client.

To run the server simply double-click the runserver.bat file in marauroa folder.



Behold! Your new localhost server is up and running!

  • The bad news: the only interface you have with the server is that black window showing more or less cryptic messages as time passes.
  • The good news: what you surely want is to connect to the server with the client. Come on, you are almost there and you have done this before!

Note: When you have finished using the server (that is, when you want to stop Stendhal) use CTRL + C. But obviously you have to keep it running in that window to be able to connect to it with the client. :P To the question that appears type y (for yes) obviously.


Go to Step 8. Install and run Stendhal client as localhost

Any problems? Try the general server troubleshooting guide.

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