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NOTICE: Please look at Easy Stendhal Server Installation On Windows if you want a fast guide for installing windows without bothering with MySQL installation and configuration.

Visual guide to installing a local Stendhal server on Windows® using MariaDB (a drop-in replacement of MySQL)

Installing a local Stendhal server isn't really difficult. The process can be a bit long because of the number of steps but they are simple.

This guide can get out of date or have mistakes, so please contact us at the IRC server, channel #arianne if you have any difficulty. Please let us know what steps are failing and provide the link to the specific page.

The versions of the programs used in this guide may not be the most recent ones. You should use the most recent versions even if they look somewhat different than these versions.

This guide uses, at least in some places, the spanish version of Windows XP®.


Listed below are the major steps required to install and run a local Stendhal server on Windows®:

Go to Step 1. Install and configure MariaDB

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