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Social Meetings

Event ideas

These are some little games that you can easily play together with other players. If you want to organize these, it will be perfect to rent some signs earlier to inform other players in time. If you need any help with organizing an event, you might ask for help in The IRC #arianne-channel :) To get some impressions about events which took place already, you may take a look at the Stendhal Event page under Stendhal events.

Ingame games

Fish Race

The fish race is played in water of course. You can also play it anywhere else or with other items, but originally it took part in the swimming pool on Athor Island on the Summerparty 2011.

You need
two teams
two fishes
How to play
The players devide in two even teams. They line up in two parallel rows with two tiles space in between. The fishes are set to the end of the row so that the first players can reach them. Then someone starts the game by counting down.
The players have to pass the fish from the one end of their row to the other end. But the fish has to stay on every tile. That means that it can only be set one tile and then has to picked up by the next player and passed to the next tile.
The team which passes its fish faster to the end of the row is the winning team.

High House Numbers

Though Ricardo is the only person in Semos who is licensed to offer gambling activities, you may like to play a little dice game with your friends. It's easy to learn and can be played everywhere.

You need
a set of dices (you get them for 100 money from Ricardo in the Semos INN)
at least two players
How to play
If you throw the dices you can look at them by right clicking and choosing "Look". The dices change their numbers every time you throw them. For this game you only need the number of the first dice.
The goal is to build the highest house number out of three numbers. The first player starts. He throws the dices and everybody looks at them. Then the player can choose where to put the number of the first dice: On the first, the second or the third place. For example, if he throws a "4" he can set it to the second place so he gets "_4_". Then the next player throws the dices and also chooses where to set the number of the first dice.
When all players have set their first number, the first player throws his second number. Maybe he gets a "2", which he best sets to the third place, because the goal is to get a high house number and a "2" isn't really good to set to the first place. Then he has "_42". All other players throw their dice after that again.
Then comes the last turn: The first player throws his third dice. If he is lucky and throws a "6", he has a really good house number: "642". Everybody else throws his last dice and sets his number. The player with the highest house number wins the game!
The fun of the game is to choose well where to set your numbers. Once set, the numbers can NOT be chanced again! So if you have a "4" in your first throw, set it to the second place because you think you will throw a better number soon and then get a "1" in your second throw, you will set it to the third place of course. But if you get a "1" in your third throw again, you HAVE to set it to the first place! Your result would be "141"... So maybe put your "4" to the first place next time ;)

Guess which item/creature/NPC I am

This game is about guessing, which item, creature or NPC someone is.

You need
Some Stendhal knowledge but taking a look at the webpage and wiki might help, too :)
How to play
You need some players around who will guess and one who will think about an item/creature/NPC and answer yes and no questions.
When someone gets the answer, it's going to be his turn next.


Starting a Stendhal-quiz is always fun for players and people who organise it. It spreads knowdlege about the game which is really helpful for younger players and increases the gamefun! It's a bit tricky to prepare but the work worth it :)

You need
Some questions about Stendhal, ingame questions like some related to quests, NPCs, Items, maps etc. and maybe a few real life questions in between to not be strickly into Stendhal :)
For giving a time example: 50 questions will take about an hour to answer
Maybe you also need some awards which players will get when they answer something correctly to keep them motivated (doesn't have to be huge awards)
You also need a nice place for doing it, like one of the taverns, INNs or Carolines house (if you want to make a public quiz)
How to play
You should inform players early when you are going to make a quiz so they can maybe prepare a little.
It's always good to give a short introduction like how long it will appr. take, how much questions you have, what the rules for answering are (e.g. first answer counts) etc.
You start asking questions then, good is it when you tell them in one line with the number before so you don't get in trouble with counting :)
It might be that you need a break in the middle of your questions, just stop the quiz for 5 minutes then (like after half of the questions)
If players complain about questions which aren't to 100% right answered but you counted them as correct already, don't let yourself be irritated, excuse yourself and go on ;) (that even happens to people, who play the game for over years now :D)

Games for Real Life meetings

During the last official Stendhal meetings, business like talks weren't the only thing we did. During the free time we build and created some games up, which are really funny and easily to organise and play. Here you'll find some ideas of how to create your personal Stendhal life meeting party.


Bingo is a funny game which needs a bit longer to be solved. It needs some work before but is really funny after! It's especially nice in funny groups with some chilling music in the background :)

You need
Selfmade sheets with Bingo fields on them. These fields can show creatures of Stendhal. (3x3 fields will be fast over, 5x5 are nicer :) )
Something to chose which creature will be next. On our real-life meetings we used official killing stats from the main server but you can also prepare something which can choose creatures randomly (or make cards with all of them and throw them into a bowl, so they can be taken out one after one like while playing real Bingo :) )
The link to the killing stats is You can also add six numbers behind the "=" to get different creatures.
Pencils or stamps for marking the fields on the sheets
Players :D
How to play
You wait for the next creatures which will be killed on the server or chosen out of the bowl.
Players will look at their sheets and mark the fields with the chosen creature on if they have it.
The first player who got a line (upright, straight or diagonally) will be the winner. The rest of the group can go on playing if they want ;)


Pairs is a memory card game, also known as Memory. It's even more fun to play it with cards which show items from Stendhal or, if you are a good drawer, with NPCs or creatures. :)

You need
Pairs of cards with Stendhal items on the front side. Of course, the pictures can also show NPCs or creatures. It's best to have at least 15 pairs.
How to play
All cards are laid on the back, so nobody can see the pictures on the front side. Then you shuffle the cards by sliding them all together over the table. After that you lay them in a rectangle or, if you want to be a professional, let them lay unsorted on the table.
Players now have to chose cards and try to get the pair. If they don't get one with both cards, the next player gets his chance. If you get a pair, you can have the next try.
When all cards are gone, the player with the most pairs wins the match!


Cheating is a game related to your personal skills - you have to pretend to be always honest :D

You need
Two decks of cards
Perfect facial expressions for cheating :D
Players, as always ;)
How to play
Shuffle all cards and try to give them out to the players. Exclude extra-cards like Jokers.
Now each player has to take a look at his cards. The first one with a club of two starts and lays his card down.
The next player can decide now, how many cards he wants to lay down, number on table. If he has four 3's and wants to lay them down, he can say: I have four threes - but take care, it doesn't have to be true! If he doesn't own four threes and lays them down saying that and you doubt it, you can shout: CHEATING!
After someone shouted "CHEATING!" the cards have to be pulled over. If the player really lied, he has to take all cards from the deck which lays on the table so far. If he was honest, the one who shouted has to take them all.
The first player who finishes his deck of cards and doesn't carry anymore wins.
The group doesn't have to end the round directly, you can also play for a second and third place :)

Frog in a pond

Frog in a pond is a really funny concentration game.

You need
4-10 players (it's possible with less or more though)
a good idea, what to do with the people who fail :D
How to play
There is the sentence "One frog in a pond, splish, splash!" which is split up into parts:
"In A"
The first player starts and says: "One". Then the next player says: "Frog". And so on. When the sentence is finished, the player who is on turn starts with: "Two" and the next player also has to say "Two", the next one says "Frogs" and the next one also "Frogs". Every word is repeated twice in the second round. In the third round every part of the sentence has to be said three times, in the fourth round four times, in the fifth round five times and so on...
If someone fails, because he says a wrong word or waits too long, he has to do a funny task :D
If someone complains about a fail, but everything was correct, this person also has to do a funny task!
After that, the game starts from the beginning with round one, where you say every word only one time.
Can you make it beyond round 5? :D
It's especially fun to do it in foreign languages on international meetings.

Drawing maps/items/npcs

You don't have to be a good drawer for that. It's even funnier when people have to guess based on a not so good drawn picture :) Don't be shy, just do it :)

You need
Empty sheets and pencils
Ideas :D
Players (no basic amount needed  :))
How to play
Someone thinks about a map, item or npc and starts drawing it.
Players have to guess what the drawer wants to show.
The first one who answers correct is the winner and starts the next round with his idea.


Pantomime is a nice game to prove your knowledge about quests and also to learn about quests you haven't done in Stendhal so far.

You need
4-10 players (it's possible with more or less though)
How to play
The most courageous player starts ;) He thinks of a quest from Stendhal which he could act out. The quest should be known by most of the other players, so if you play with people who are new in Stendhal it's best to act out Semos quests for beginning.
When the player has thought of a quest, he starts his acting. It's important that he doesn't speak while acting. He tries to move like the characters and NPCs would move in the game, when you do the quest.
The other players have to guess which quest it is. They can say things, they think the actor is doing at the moment, like: "Are you killing a creature?" or "Hmm, this looks like you are picking up something..." The actor nods or shakes his head to signalize if they are right or not.
If someone says the correct name of the quest or describes it as good as you know that he got the right answer, he wins! Now it's his turn to think of a quest and acts it out.