Stendhal Development Meeting 2010-06-08/Result Log

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The next meeting is planned for Sunday 20th June at 2000-2100 server time (do /info in game to check server time) which is 1800-1900 GMT.

Stendhal introduction translation

  • New translations of the text for other languages
  • Corrections to existing translations
  • Perhaps the Rules should be translated too?
  • Other projects have started to translate the game itself into other languages but it is not something our team pursues, and the other teams seem to give up after a short time

Help for new players

  • It is really nice when higher level players help lower level players but we cannot force this
  • Mostly people think the system of help from other players already works well and they are grateful for help
  • The reward is feeling involved
  • non coward creatures to kill on the first zone


Equipping items

  • New players don't realise how to equip armor
  • A tutorial event to explain this when you get new armor would help
  • If you could see the 'character' window of another player you can see what they wear and so if they understood about equipment yet #3016681
  • A guided tutorial which you work through was suggested (explaining all skills needed)

Min level for more items

  • Lower level items don't yet have min levels
  • It was suggested it would be fairer and more interesting for new players to add them
  • You can make a list of the itemname and the level plus a reasoning of what that min level fits #3016679

Marking dangerous areas

  • Zones where the creatures are dangerous for your level could have a warning
  • RP is balanced enough that we can calculate danger levels, we'd need to include creature numbers
  • Perhaps it is simpler just to mark the zones dangerous for low level players and draw it directly on the maps
  • A list of zones with a minimum level may also help
  • It's not decided how the warning would appear visually - skull and crossbones is an idea
  • First step is to code a /script that gathers some statistics: #3016677

Marking paths on the minimap

  • Marking paths on the minimap would help new and old players
  • They shouldn't use non-PVP (protected) areas just to do the marking, it should be a new map layer
  • We need help drawing the paths: pimp was the first volunteer