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This page is to collect missing or new graphics needed, also graphics which exist but need improvement.

Creatures, outfits and items

Please come ask:

  • If you wish to improve any existing graphic
  • If you want to offer your services and ask for particular items that we may need

Please note that graphics for new items or creatures will only be accepted if they are accompanied with a full definition, availability and purpose as per Stendhal Item Ideas, Stendhal Creature Ideas.

We welcome any improvement to the existing graphics for items, NPCs, outfits, creatures and map tiles.

Some corpses especially need improvement.

General Specifications

If a new image, give your image a descriptive name in lowercase letter and use underscore between words. You don't need to repeat information in the image name that's already given by the directory name.

  • The license must be GPL, or compatible, such as public domain.
  • File format is PNG and must be RGB with 8 bits/color.
  • If multi-layered, please submit the XCF source for the file also.
  • Use only fully opaque, or fully transparent pixels (no alpha channel).
  • The background should be fully transparent.



The sprites used for creatures are in the data/sprites/monsters/ directory in the Stendhal source.

  • The shape of a creature must have a dark outline of a few pixels (this is to make it stand out from the background). 2 black pixels work.
  • A creature should have 12 frames in a 3x4 format for its walk cycle which are laid from the top to the bottom in the following rows of 3 columns:
    • Row 1: 3 for when its walk is seen from its back side. (North facing)
    • Row 2: 3 for when its walk is seen from its right side. (East facing)
    • Row 3: 3 for when its walk is seen from its front side. (South facing)
    • Row 4: 3 for when its walk is seen from its left side. (West facing)
    • The column frames:
    • Col 1: holds the first step with right foot forward pose.
    • Col 2: holds the standing still pose.
    • Col 3: holds the second step, left foot forward.
  • The size of each frame is:
    • for small-sized creatures (e.g rat): 32 x 32 pixels, so the size of the whole image is 96 x 128 pixels.
    • for human-sized creatures (e.g. skeleton): 48 x 64 pixels, so the size of the whole image is 144 x 256 pixels.
    • for giant-sized creatures (e.g giant rat): 64 x 64 pixels, so the size of the whole image is 192 x 256 pixels.
    • for huge-sized creatures (e.g. red dragon): 96 x 128 pixels, so the size of the whole image is 288 x 512 pixels.
    • for exceptionally huge-sized creatures (e.g balrog): 320 x 440 pixels, so the size of the whole image is 960 x 1760 pixels.

Using sprites not created specifically from scratch

RPGMaker 2000-like sprites (like those at are an interesting graphic resource for stendhal.

Unfortunately, the frame size for their animated human-sized characters is usually 24 x 32 pixels (72 x 128 pixels for the whole image) which is half the size of what is needed, so some rescaling has to be done.

So, if you choose to use them, please scale the image and remove the background using our charas converter program.

If you prefer not to use our converter...

You can use scale2x. Once you have it installed, the command to type is:

scalex -k 2 old.png new.png

If the images have a coloured background like those from Charas, it needs to be made transparent. Use this Visual Guide or do the following in GIMP:

  • Open your png
  • Convert it to RGB mode with Image -> Mode -> RGB
  • Add transparency to the image with Layer->Transparency->Add Alpha Channel
  • Select the coloured background (green from Charas) by doing Tools->Selection Tools->Fuzzy Select (or pressing Z), and clicking on the green background. Make sure that the 'threshold' is set to 0 which means it will only select exactly that green colour. Also turn off 'Antialiasing' and 'Feather edges'. These settings should be available on the gimp main window.
  • Remove the green background by pressing Ctrl-k (or Edit->Clear). Gimp should show the transparency as gray checker board pattern.
  • Repeat the selection and clearing steps for any remaining green areas, if everything was not cleared at once.
  • Save your changes

Huge creatures are specially in need of refactoring

Large creatures, like the black dragon do not look good. At the moment they are just many times scaled as described above. They should be redrawn properly. At least the following creatures should be redone:

  • balrog kiheru
  • black dragon hamtaro
  • some others


The sprites used for NPCs are in data/sprites/npc/.

The specification are the same as creatures, above.


Players can have hair, face, body and dress. These are saved separately so outfits can be mixed and matched.

We use

  • The medium charsets
  • Selecting just one layer to save.

The Stendhal project is currently in the process of switching from Charas sprites to Cabbit style due to licensing issues.

TODO: Create a character generator for Cabbit style sprites.

As with creatures (above) the original size is too small and the saved png must be converted.

The clothes (dress) and hair can have new colours but only to one 'hue'. So, the original outfit should look multi coloured, because that means there will be more variation overall.

Work required:

Certain outfits and hair are now 'duplicates' since the colouring changes. Please add small details to one of the duplicates to help differentiate them. E.g a bow on the back of a dress, a small flower detail, some pattern, etc. Leave one of the duplicates like the original, and don't make too drastic changes for those who had selected the outfit.
There is a popular spiky hair which is all one colour and has no depth. Depth is needed. (technically, it must have the same lightness. it's hair 12 and 29)



The sprites used for items are in the data/sprites/items/ directory in the stendhal source.

  • Items have a white or black border of 1 pixel unless there is a good reason not to add it
  • A non animated item should have a 32x32 pixel sprite
  • An animated item (like money) should have a 32N x 32 sprite. E.g. if it has 4 frames in the animation it will be a 128 x 32 sprite. It will automatically appear animated

For example: Mainio cloak.png

  • Items go in the folder data/sprites/items/<class>/<subclass>.png



The sprites used for corpses are in the data/sprites/corpse directory.

  • Images dimensions should be a multiple of 32, the size should depend on the creature.
  • Corpses don't need to be square, rectangular shapes would work too, if the creature footprint size was a rectangle

We need various sizes and types of corpse. The ones marked with an asterisk exist already but may need improvement or to be brought in line with any new images made. If you think any of these need further splitting (e.g. the same corpse should not be used for necro and gasha, say) then feel free to create more categories.

  • humanoid -[hamtaro]
  • giant humanoid -[hamtaro]
  • animal -[hamtaro]
  • small animal (rodents) * -[hamtaro]
  • huge animal -[hamtaro]
  • huger animal (necrosophia) *
  • gashadokuro corpse
  • 3x3 dragon corpse -[hamtaro]
  • enormous humanoid (balrog) * -[hamtaro]
  • 6x6 dragon corpse (black dragon) * -[hamtaro]
  • small humanoids (little people, fairies) -[hamtaro]
  • 3x2 or 3x3 corpse for black and golden death, dwarf golem, fallen angel etc.
  • ent -[AntumDelgue]
  • golem -[AntumDelgue]
  • snakes unless small_boneless looks ok for these
  • bone dragon corpse - the bone dragon is more bony than the corpse atm.
  • small winged (bats, birds) -[redqueen]
  • something suitable for giant spider
  • player (should look different from humanoid corpse for usability reasons) -[hamtaro]

Map tiles

See the tileset specifications for the requirements. New graphics should meet these, and it is an ongoing (and important) task to update old images to satisfy them. Improving existing graphics could be the best use of an artists time, unless it's been specifically requested to draw something new.

Other things to consider:

  • Add only images that you need for a map you you are making, or someone else is making and has requested the image. Do not add an image just because there is one.
  • If an existing image is almost what you need, except needing a few different tiles, add the needed bits to the image as described here. Copying the whole image just makes the client larger and wastes memory.



We want to get rid of the doors that are not centered on a tile. A player walking through such a door in the game just does not look right. So any such doors should be repositioned. Note that this requires changing any maps that use the door, so either fix the maps too, or ask someone else to do that part of the job.

There are entrance graphics missing that exactly match to earthen_2.png (the graphics on the right)


  • stair graphics to the north and south


  • graphics missing for the inner row, the one's that are black and green in int_grey_dark
  • corners for int_wall_brick_wood - first try, Miasma


  • windows for brick walls



  • more tiles for ice ridges (currently they can't cope with concave angles (see level_0\ados\rock.tmx for example))


  • boat graphics
  • graphics for a pier



  • Single weapons, so they e.g. can be put on a table



We have a lot of furniture facing 'down' (south) that can be put on a back wall, but very little that can be put on a wall that is running north to south, i.e. facing to the side. We could use for example, shelves, long sofas, cabinets, chests of drawers, large equipment that a blacksmith might use, bathroom furniture such as toilets and basins and baths, all for the side walls.

We have little that 'faces north' also, but for these be very very careful with perspective.


  • rugs which can go round corners, e.g. along a hallway
  • rugs with more interesting edge shapes, not just plain square ends with sharp corners but rounded or with tassels
  • a tassel design to add on the end of any rug
  • some paler more rustic rugs, many that we have are very opulent


  • Candles that can be placed on a wall
  • more lamps for dungeon areas, I think i'm currently only really able to use that tall dark black one
  • some 1x1 dirty/dingy lights, not the clean shiny small lamps or the tiny oil ones


  • some of the bookshelves which we redrew don't have the right depth/3d look


  • There are many separate bedsheets that can be used only with a certain bed image. These should be combined with the bed image. See the relevant chapter in the tileset specifications page.



  • could we have some larger (like 4x4) arrangements of indoor plants? e.g. semos temple etc. more formal than homely


Splash Screens

We hold a competition to judge user-contributed splash screens. Please see SplashScreens for details.

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