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Stendhal Rules

Stendhal is a friendly community, and higher level players will generally help lower level players. For example, there is a community chest south of the Inn where players can deposit unwanted items for others to use.


There are some basic rules mainly about account safety and fair play:

  1. Account sharing and password sharing is strictly forbidden and there are no exceptions to this rule, it is a bannable offence.
  2. Trying to guess someone elses password or obtain someone elses password by any means is a bannable offence.
  3. Any actions from your account are your responsibility. This means, if you tell your friends your password or let them sit at your computer unattended, what happens is your responsibility. You should create a guest user account on your computer for friends who visit, so they do not have access to your stored accounts (or your files, browser history, etc ...)
  4. If you discover an abusable bug, you should report it using /support or the tracker
  5. Don't use bots or other client automation (including mouse recorders) as this will be considered cheating. (Service bots like postman have to get approval on #arianne)
  6. 'Rule 11' Please listen to what an admin or Game Master asks you to do.


These are suggested behaviours which allow the community to operate well without external intervention.

  1. Please read the StendhalFAQ and StendhalManual before contacting support.
  2. You can be attacked outside protected areas (outside the pale green areas on minimap).
  3. Spamming with messages is antisocial. Players being spammed may use /ignore to block public chat.
  4. Trapping and blocking other players from playing in a normal way is antisocial. Players should be free to push other players out of the way so they can continue to play.
  5. If you are trapped, use a scroll or logout. It is intended to fix the exploit of placing items under you to stop pushing. #3472563 fixed.
  6. Your items are your responsibility. Don't leave anything lying on the ground even for a moment. Use right-click Trade or Harold to trade. Support will not help with stolen items as the trading interface provides a safe way to exchange items. Likewise if you want to give away an item to a specific player for free, use right-click Trade.
  7. If you are training and another kills the creatures around you, try asking them to stop. If they continue, find a new place to train. It is not an issue /support will help with.

Community guidelines

Please work together as a community to help each other.

  • /ignore playername will block public and private chat and shade their avatar black so you cannot see outfit or name, so if any chat, outfit or name offends you, please simply use /ignore playername and you can advise your friends to do the same.
  • If you kill another's sheep you may get attacked by the owner - sheep cost money and time.
  • If you drop something on the ground a thief may take it - be careful of your items.
  • Some players like to train by letting creatures attack them. Please respect this and don't kill the creatures around them.
  • If you are low level and you get too far from city, then beware of monsters or other players who may kill you.
  • Take care if you leave your computer and your character is outside the city - you may die.
  • Please don't kill new players for no good reason or the Stendhal community may not be able to expand. Attack creatures, they give better drops and XP.
  • If you annoy any player too much, you may join their /ignore list and they won't be able to hear anything you say, or you may get attacked.
  • 'Camping' for creatures and items can be annoying for other players who want to share the experience of this online multiplayer game, it is more friendly to share than to be 'territorial'.
  • Please do not take advantage of new players who haven't learnt how to trade safely, by stealing their items. Instead teach them and help them.
  • If you have a social problem, try to negotiate to find a solution, many things can be solved by talking rationally.
  • You can make signs with Gordon to ask for help or warn other players if you have a social problem with a player.
  • Report genuine rule breaking using /support

Help, I got banned. What now?

1. Calm down
Perhaps wait a day before you do anything.
2. Read the ban message carefully
Was your account or ip-address "blocked" because of too many failed login attempts? Please wait half an hour and try again. If you are sharing your internet connection with family members, you might want to have a word with them.
3. Is your account temporarily suspended?
Please take this as a warning that your behaviour needs to improve.
4. Is the reason "investigation"?
The account was reported or detected at being in risk (e. g. a likely account hack). An investigation is needed. In the mean time the account is kept safe to prevent further damage (e. g.stealing of items, suicide). Note: This ban reason does not mean, that you have done something wrong. It is to protect your account. If you have helpful information, contact the displayed email address.
5. What should I do?
You may contact the displayed email address to request an independent review. It is a good idea to spend some time on a well written email which includes all the important details. Don't lie. The logging is very good in the sense that all the required information is there. But writing the required query commands is a time consuming task. So accurate information may speed up the investigation, but lies slow it down.
6. Does it help to create new accounts, rent signs or spam chat?
No, your best chance is to contact the displayed email address. Please note that bad behaviour during a suspension or ban, may result in a permanent ban without further investigation.
7. How long does an investigation or review take?
Stendhal is a project, which is run by volunteers in their spare time. Like commercial games, we try to answer within four weeks, sometimes we are much faster. But on complex issues or heavily work load (caused by either real life or other incidents in Stendhal), it may take longer. This is especially true, if the available time is used up by dealing with your new accounts.

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