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[19:57] <crusader> hi
[19:57] <moonligth> hi
[19:57] <crusader> jhi
[19:57] <nomis> Hi
[19:57] <crusader> is meeting here?
[19:57] <nomis> yes
[19:57] <snakespionase> i am back
[19:57] <crusader> brb
[19:57] <moonligth> hi
[19:57] <crusader> i have to wash hands
[19:57] <snakespionase> hey mad
[19:57] <madmetzger> hi
[19:58] <crusader> xD
[19:58] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[19:58] <madmetzger> bye
[19:58] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[19:58] <moonligth> hi
[19:58] superkym has joined Stendhal.
[19:58] <nomis> Hi Hendrikus
[19:58] <nomis> Hi Superkym :)
[19:58] Administrator SHOUTS: Hi, we like to invited to a Stendhal development meeting in Semos Townhall now.
[19:58] <hendrikus> Hello
[19:58] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[19:58] <superkym> _Hi all
[19:58] <snakespionase> hi
[19:58] <Mayor Sakhs> Please wait, snakespionase! I am still attending to hendrikus.
[19:58] <moonligth> hi
[19:59] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[19:59] <crusader> kym hi
[19:59] <crusader> <3
[19:59] <hendrikus> Hi, thanks for attending.
[19:59] <crusader> np
[19:59] <pimp> np
[19:59] <crusader> :p
[19:59] <nomis> -:)
[19:59] <nomis> :)
[20:00] <moonligth> :)
[20:00] <crusader> :D
[20:00] <Ogeretal> yw
[20:00] <crusader> when kimm in game
[20:00] <crusader> i always online
[20:00] <crusader> hh
[20:00] <hendrikus> We have an agenda on but we don't have to stick to it stricktly.
[20:00] <pimp> patience crusader
[20:00] <pimp> continue
[20:00] <hendrikus> We need to limit the meeting to an hour, however.
[20:01] <hendrikus> So if we cannot talk about everything today, we will have another meeting really soon.
[20:01] <ginny> HELLO all :) i am late, some rats were at my way ;)
[20:01] <hendrikus> With "soon" I mean within the next two weeks.
[20:01] <pimp> k
[20:01] <nomis> Ah, okay :)
[20:01] <crusader> ok
[20:01] <crusader> i have tutor soon
[20:01] <crusader> so
[20:01] <hendrikus> So on he agenda is talking about the real ilfe meeting and talking about the results from the last meeting.
[20:02] <superkym> Can I report on that?
[20:02] <hendrikus> Yes, please.
[20:02] <superkym> We met in March for the 5th birthdya of Stnedhal and the 10th birthday of Arianne
[20:03] <superkym> We had talks about Arianne and Stendhal and a lot of development discussions, already many of the ideas are seen in game in the last releases.
[20:03] <superkym> For example the damage system with fire/ice/dark/light was planned at this meeting
[20:03] <crusader> yup
[20:03] <hendrikus> (As a side note: We want to publish the chat log to the Wiki. So please don't say anything you don't want your mum to read)
[20:04] <crusader> lol
[20:04] <moonligth> ^^
[20:04] <pimp> my mom dont care
[20:04] <crusader> yea
[20:04] <crusader> my cant even turn on comp
[20:04] <crusader> xD
[20:04] <pimp> lol
[20:04] <crusader> roflmao
[20:04] <ginny> poor moms
[20:05] <crusader> omg
[20:05] <pimp> sorry, continue
[20:05] <crusader> im choking on strudl
[20:05] <superkym> There is a full write up about the meeting including videos of the talks and descriptions of the ideas we planned at
[20:05] <superkym> So, do bookmark that page to come back to, you will hopefully be interested to see what we planned, what we already did from those plans and what is still to come.
[20:05] <hendrikus> On the talk page there is a really nice talk by Kymara about the last three years of Stendhal development.
[20:05] <superkym> I have to say it was really wonderful to meet developers and players in person :)
[20:06] hendrikus nods.
[20:06] <nomis> :)
[20:06] madmetzger nods, too
[20:06] <crusader> i nod
[20:06] <superkym> Ok, and also this is not the first development meeting we have held in game
[20:06] <pimp> k
[20:07] <superkym> Some of you were at the previous one and it was a real success, again there is a summary to read on the wiki when you have time:
[20:07] pimp nods
[20:07] <xjaomx> super then I can talk to you
[20:08] <superkym> At that meeting we discussed sound and music in Stendhal, volunteers offered to code it and others to create the music. As you can see thatis now in the game
[20:08] <xjaomx> daki a little
[20:08] <superkym> Other outcomes of that meeting are summarised on the wiki
[20:08] <nomis> :)
[20:08] pimp nods
[20:09] <hendrikus> The music work was done by plassy (code) and storyteller (music).
[20:09] <ginny> sorry, but should i hear music!?
[20:09] <crusader> yay
[20:09] <superkym> And they are still contributing now in other ways
[20:09] <superkym> ginny: yes, lets discuss that later
[20:09] <ginny> ok
[20:10] <pimp> i got a question
[20:10] <alberthjavier> hi
[20:10] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:10] <superkym> hendrikus, unless I should go into more detail, I'm done with that reporting
[20:10] <alberthjavier> q hay hoy
[20:10] <shadon> hello all
[20:10] <alberthjavier> aqui
[20:10] <snakespionase> hi
[20:10] <Mayor Sakhs> Please wait, snakespionase! I am still attending to alberthjavier.
[20:10] <alberthjavier> hola shadon
[20:10] <hendrikus> We discussed the problem of new players getting lost.
[20:10] <pimp> is the team feature being worked on
[20:10] <crusader> idk
[20:10] <crusader> yea
[20:10] <hendrikus> And worked out how to change Semos Village to make that less likely.
[20:11] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:11] <shadon> hola
[20:11] <hendrikus> Like moving the gate pointing towards Nalwor.
[20:11] <xjaomx> hola
[20:11] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:11] <alberthjavier> pq hay aqui
[20:11] <alberthjavier> shadon
[20:11] <crusader> wat about pet status feature
[20:11] <superkym> Are there any players here who started in the last few months?
[20:11] <crusader> :P
[20:11] <crusader> any breakthrough
[20:11] <pimp> yea, i started back in march
[20:11] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:11] <superkym> crusader: other than dr. feelgood now healing pets there has been no work on pets
[20:11] <hendrikus> crusader, we did not work on the pet ideas, yet.
[20:12] <ginny> i started for a week ago
[20:12] <crusader> ok :(
[20:12] <superkym> For the new players: welcome. And, did you find semos easily?
[20:12] <alberthjavier> de q hablan shadon?
[20:12] <snakespionase> sry
[20:12] <alberthjavier> casi no se ingles
[20:12] <olya> hello all
[20:12] <shadon> no thx
[20:12] <olya> hi
[20:12] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:12] <pimp> yea, i play the facebook version of this, so i can help any new players find there way back
[20:12] <olya> quest
[20:12] <Mayor Sakhs> Semos is in need of help. Go kill a bandit and say complete, once you're done.
[20:13] <olya> bye
[20:13] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:13] <xjaomx> I do not like the sound but not only taking precisso emcina to the / mute
[20:13] <ginny> it is okay, but i have played other MMORPGs
[20:13] <alberthjavier> hi
[20:13] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:13] <alberthjavier> quest
[20:13] <Mayor Sakhs> You're already on a quest to slay an albino elf queen. Say complete if you're done with it!
[20:13] <alberthjavier> by
[20:13] <alberthjavier> bye
[20:13] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:13] <crusader> kym sry but  in this pic is that u in red shirt? or dress
[20:14] <pimp> give it a rest crusader and stop interupting
[20:14] <crusader> ahh ok
[20:14] <crusader> later
[20:14] <alberthjavier> hi
[20:14] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:14] <pimp> keep ur character online though so u can read everything that happened here
[20:14] <hendrikus> Recently there was some work to translate the Stendhal introduction text into different languages.
[20:15] <alberthjavier> alguien habla un poco de español}
[20:15] <hendrikus> I mean the one on
[20:15] <alberthjavier> no entirndo muy bien el ingles
[20:15] <pimp> is there a feature to allow others to read other languages, like have them translated
[20:15] <storyteller> Good evening! :)
[20:15] <ginny> rules should be at some different languages too
[20:15] <hendrikus> You can find the current translation on
[20:15] <balancer> hi story
[20:15] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:15] <superkym> pimp: we're not talking about in-game, rather the description of th egame
[20:16] <hendrikus> If you can speak some language missing there, or can improve the existing translations, please do so.
[20:16] <superkym> It is good if people can find out about Stendhal and read the description in their language
[20:16] <hendrikus> At the moment, we ware not trying to translate the complete wiki, just the short introduction text.
[20:16] <ginny> and ingame text?
[20:17] <superkym> Translating the game itself is an interesting question.
[20:17] <kiheru> though translating the rules might be a good idea
[20:17] plassy has joined Stendhal.
[20:17] <xjaomx> this game is very good this new version more people are dying
[20:17] <superkym> We do try to keep the text as simple as possible here. And not use, for example, language-based riddles.
[20:17] <superkym> So that with a fairly limited grasp of English you can hopefully still enjoy the game.
[20:17] <ginny> If someone starts here, then a rules dialog box and introduction should be in different languages possible
[20:17] <pimp> could there be a feature to translate into the language for where u live
[20:18] <hendrikus> Currently there are translations of the introduction in English, German, Italian, Frensh and Schwedisch.
[20:18] <superkym> Swedish
[20:18] <pimp> theres another problem i have came across though
[20:18] <superkym> ginny: About the game: Other projects have started to translate the game into other languages but it is not something our team pursues.
[20:19] <superkym> gunny: and often they do seem to give up, realising the complexity and length of the task. There is a lot of text.
[20:19] <ginny> ok
[20:19] <crusader> has there been increased amount of lvl ?
[20:19] <hendrikus> ginny There have been a number of people who claimed they wanted to translate the in game text. But so far everyone has given up after working on that for a week or two.
[20:19] <alberthjavier> I would ask them a little more character costumes for
[20:19] <superkym> Also our Grammar package is designed for English.
[20:19] <pimp> with all the beginners, alot of them cant find weapons, armor, or sheilds because they do not get any help from the higher levels
[20:19] <alberthjavier> who takes care of that?
[20:20] <xjaomx> superkym
[20:20] <pimp> i am helping any beginner in every way i can, but i am not enough, there should be a group of people who help out low levels, like help those under level 10
[20:20] <xjaomx> eu perdi minha senha do jaom
[20:21] <superkym> New costumes can be considered. Did you have specific ideas?
[20:21] <ginny> I get much help from hgher leveled players
[20:21] <alberthjavier> the zoo and I did not like each week we q q q keep selling us food for potions
[20:21] <xjaomx> vc pode me ajudatr
[20:21] <ginny> thank you so far
[20:21] <pimp> i got one, can we get the costume for the spartans, those things r cool, and ninja costumes would be nice
[20:21] <kiheru> we can't really force anyone to help others :-/
[20:21] <olya> pimp, we all playing a game for fun; it is great that you have fun by helping others, but i think idea of such group is very bad.
[20:21] <hendrikus> alberthjavier, most of the character sprites are from the charas project. Of course you can create constumes yourself and submit them to use for inclusing (asuming you put them on a frre license.
[20:22] <alberthjavier> I have a friend who does good graphs costumes
[20:22] <pimp> i am just asking the aid of others to help out low levels, that way they can survive, and if u travel with low levels, u can gaurentee that they get to a safe level to hold out on there own
[20:22] <superkym> Great. our wiki pages have the graphics specifications.
[20:23] <superkym> pimp: People help out as a volunteer when they can. Do you think there should be some reward that we encourage them? How would this not be abused?
[20:23] <alberthjavier> perhaps some you know is megajack64
[20:23] <ginny> i get help from many different players, for me Help system works fine :)
[20:24] <storyteller> I think, the reward is the feeling to be part of this project, Kym...
[20:24] <pimp> there shouldnt be an award unless the lower levels want to give the higher levels something for the help
[20:24] <crusader> yup
[20:24] <balancer> what would be more specifiable that could influence a game idea that we could all pitch in and help while all together
[20:24] <superkym> balancer: Do you mean, more team play in Stendhal?
[20:24] <alberthjavier> now this removed from the game but I can ask to have if you want to come back for new proposals
[20:24] <crusader> hmm but pimp
[20:24] <pimp> yo
[20:25] <hendrikus> There are some player who just idle around and greet you with "open!, itens pleaz!". And those lazy guys usualyl don't get help.
[20:25] <balancer> yes
[20:25] <crusader> u see low lvls have help
[20:25] <crusader> at beginning they get armor
[20:25] <xjaomx> if all players ajudasem strong game to his players the game would be better
[20:25] <crusader> if they talk to the npc
[20:25] <crusader> in house
[20:25] <crusader> they get shield legs armor
[20:25] <pimp> i provide any help to anyone, i dont care about the level, but the armor and weapon should be upgraded for the beginners
[20:26] <ginny> i have no problems at the moment
[20:26] <pimp> like give them a leather cuirass and a short sword
[20:26] <superkym> pimp: I think that starting low with just the leather armor and club means you have something to aim for initially: just gettng better armor
[20:26] <superkym> nah, boring!
[20:26] <ginny> i could solved some easy beginners quest at semos
[20:26] <crusader> yea
[20:26] <hendrikus> We might need a bit more guidiance, so that beginners find monsters they can kill without using items not designed for their level.
[20:26] <crusader> why dont u give them just obsidian knife
[20:26] <pimp> yea, but most dont understand the concept of dragging there weapon and armor out to get new armor
[20:26] <crusader> and problem solved
[20:26] <xjaomx> hi
[20:26] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:27] <xjaomx> task
[20:27] <Mayor Sakhs> Semos is in need of help. Go kill a mountain orc hunter and say complete, once you're done.
[20:27] <olya> newbies must have a chance to prove themself as glorious warriors; i always remember sentence "entwifes are not babysitters" in case like this
[20:27] <pimp> u need to be level 51 to even get the obsidian knife crusader
[20:27] <xjaomx> bye
[20:27] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:27] <storyteller> What about also making the low level armors and weapons marked with a special level?
[20:27] <xjaomx> bye
[20:27] <crusader> i know
[20:27] <crusader> but that was
[20:27] <storyteller> They there is more motivation to get it on your own
[20:27] <crusader> ahhh never miind
[20:28] <superkym> Ok, to teach how to equip armor, there could perhaps be a tutorial event when you first get a new item of armor or a sword?
[20:28] <storyteller> and there will not be the problem that everyone starts with too good equipment for his level
[20:28] <crusader> there is a tutorial
[20:28] <superkym> Are those purple information boxes useful, woudl a simple short message in that case help?
[20:28] <crusader> yes
[20:28] <alberthjavier> Greater potions and get a little easier
[20:28] <pimp> we need to get the tutorial to show the newbies how to operate the game, show them how to change there stuff and things like that
[20:28] <crusader> but the purple inf bar shows that
[20:28] <storyteller> An interactive tutorial
[20:28] <storyteller> the players have to do the things
[20:29] <superkym> Ok. That is a good idea. It does already explain many things lke how to attack and loot a corpse
[20:29] <crusader> in the begining
[20:29] <alberthjavier> gren like putting two more in the cave dragon
[20:29] <hendrikus> The trigger for the tuturial event about equiping might be the first time an weapon/armor is put into bag because the hands are ful.
[20:29] <crusader> lol
[20:29] <superkym> hendrikus: I am not sure, many players will get first better armor from the free chest, too
[20:30] <ginny> and the smuggler NPC
[20:30] <storyteller> That's why I would also mark the low level armors with a special level
[20:30] <ginny> prices are not high
[20:30] <crusader> oh yes
[20:30] <pimp> that is wat i mean, show them that they can drag there armor to the bag, then they wont have problems down the road
[20:30] <superkym> What do you mean storyteller?
[20:30] <crusader> i forgot about him
[20:31] <storyteller> Well, at the moment very often players get armors from high level players
[20:31] <storyteller> they are for example level 3 and have a plate armor or such
[20:31] <pimp> yes, but if u make it to where they only get low level armor, they will train themselves to get better armor
[20:31] <hendrikus> Perhaps it should be possible to "look" at players in a way that you see their "character" window?
[20:31] <storyteller> what about giving the armors level markings?
[20:31] <balancer> some players but not others
[20:31] <hendrikus> So you can see what weapons/armor they have equipped.
[20:32] <madmetzger> sounds like a nice idea hendrikus
[20:32] <superkym> That woudl be cool, hendrikus. now you have to look on website.
[20:32] <hendrikus> Might be interesting for comparing, and people can check if newbies understood equipping.
[20:32] <crusader> i agree
[20:32] <kiheru> storyteller: do you mean the minimum level thing we have?
[20:32] <crusader> with story
[20:32] <crusader> put lvl markings on armor and weapons
[20:32] <storyteller> yes, kiheru
[20:32] <pimp> well, than that would cause a big riot,  only give the lower levels armor that does not go over 16 def, shield wise, and the body armor does not get more than 6
[20:32] <superkym> If you think more items should have a min level pleae give us the list of the item name and the min level
[20:32] <kiheru> suggesting to use it for some more items, then?
[20:33] <storyteller> Okay, superkym, I'll work on this
[20:33] <superkym> Plus your reasoning which may include the appropriateness and what level you'd need to be to kill the creastures who drop it
[20:33] <pimp> the leather cuirass, that would be a level 3-5 armor equip
[20:34] <balancer> as I learned years ago in the night dagger did not need a levels right?
[20:34] <superkym> Is it seeming unfair, are some players still wearing much too good armor?
[20:34] <balancer> before
[20:34] <pimp> ok, for the armor, only until level 10 do they get special level armor, shield and weapon
[20:34] <storyteller> I don't know...
[20:34] <alberthjavier> aiga also want to say that Spanish translation for players who do not know the English for new players
[20:34] <pimp> it will motivate them to do better, and they will do it on there own
[20:35] <storyteller> I also think so...
[20:35] <alberthjavier> that not all players speak English
think I can make time as it need only be an hour, again.
[20:36] <storyteller> There will also not be the begging problem then... Because it has not really an good use to do it...
[20:36] <xjaomx> superkym
[20:36] <hendrikus> Do the anoying player who are begging understand min-level?
[20:37] <kiheru> usually not
[20:37] <storyteller> Uhm... ;)
[20:37] <xjaomx> i perdi minha senha do jaom
[20:37] <hendrikus> Sometimes it seems really difficult to them that I am not a player and that my chest is totally empty.
[20:37] <xjaomx> you podi me ajudar
[20:37] <hendrikus> to explain to them*
[20:37] <storyteller> Hmm...
[20:37] <crusader> excuse
[20:37] <crusader> me
[20:37] <crusader> but uhhh
[20:37] <crusader> can u make world chat
[20:37] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] <crusader> cause it would be easier to talk to every1
[20:38] <superkym> alberthjavier I think it seems wrong to translate the opening part of the game, only.
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] <crusader> ?
[20:38] <superkym> It gives the wrong impression to a new player. They may think it is all translated, but it's not, and they wasted time on it if they did not want to play an engoish game
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] <xjaomx> gio
[20:38] giovanote is poisoned, losing 2 health points.
[20:38] <xjaomx> use
[20:38] <giovanote> thx
[20:38] <giovanote> =D
[20:38] <xjaomx> by
[20:39] <xjaomx> bye gio
[20:39] <crusader> bye
[20:39] <superkym> crusader I guess that if we did have groups (like buddy groups or guilds) defined we could have global chat with those. but not to absolutely everyone
[20:39] <hendrikus> A global chat system definitfly needs an opt in / opt out.
[20:40] <superkym> guilds and team play were discussed at our real life meeting, and we think that we'd like to gradually introduce them, starting with encouraging team play ( players with different skills need to work together )
[20:40] <hendrikus> Otherwise I am afraid it would be full of anyoing comments, like begging for items.
[20:40] <superkym> yes.
[20:40] <crusader> that would be good
[20:40] <madmetzger> it might cause too much noise in the chat log, if we have sth like that it should appear maybe separated
[20:40] <superkym> which is again another request
[20:40] <ginny> Is it possible to have tabs at this text window?
[20:40] <storyteller> Madmetzger: What about splitting up the chat log then?
[20:40] <superkym> a filtered appreck is requests, or tabs. I guess anything is possible :)
[20:41] <superkym> It just really requires people to work on it.
[20:41] <superkym> I can link to the many feature requests on this issue if people are interested ;)
[20:41] <superkym> By the way, are any coders here who can help with this kind of thing?
[20:41] <ginny> never tried
[20:42] <superkym> *spots potential* - we can talk later :)
[20:42] <pimp> i dont do coding, but send me something that i can do map working on, and i can do that
[20:42] madmetzger earns 44 experience points.
[20:42] <crusader> 1lol
[20:43] <hendrikus> Speaking of maps.
[20:43] <pimp> i can label the map so the weak levels know what level creatures r in that area
[20:43] <hendrikus> pimp, that sounds like a very good idea.
[20:43] <superkym> okok pimp, map improvements are ongoing. we use Tiled to add new details.
[20:43] <storyteller> Ah well
[20:43] <superkym> do you mean, mark the global map? that sounds good too
[20:43] <storyteller> I played a game where was a skull in the upper right corner when there were very strong enemies
[20:43] <superkym> and also mark it with danger areas like the swamp
[20:44] <storyteller> So you were warned to be careful there
[20:44] <superkym> story, that is a nice idea. whole zones, or areas in the zone?
[20:44] <madmetzger> pimp: should the player be warned in game or something like that if a player is weak?
[20:44] <storyteller> Hmm, there it were zones
[20:44] <alberthjavier> hola giovas
[20:44] <Mayor Sakhs> Welcome citizen! Do you need help?
[20:44] <hendrikus> Marking that in the map image might be an easy way to do it.
[20:44] <alberthjavier> hola
[20:44] <storyteller> but maybe it can be done lika a "radar"?
[20:44] <storyteller> *like
[20:44] <giovanote> hola
[20:44] <madmetzger> i guess it would be even nicer to maybe specify regions within zones to warn players below a certain level
[20:44] <storyteller> if it shouldn't be for the whole zone
[20:45] <hendrikus> if possible drawn on a new image layer.
[20:45] <Mayor Sakhs> Have a good day and enjoy your stay!
[20:45] <alberthjavier> entiendes el ingles
[20:45] <pimp> yea, there should also be a team feature so u can c how much health ur team mates have, and a teleport to team member thing so u can provide aid immediatly
[20:45] <alberthjavier> al 100
[20:45] <alberthjavier> %
[20:45] <giovanote> si
[20:45] <alberthjavier> yo no
[20:45] <giovanote> jajajaja
[20:45] <giovanote> a eso vine
[20:45] <hendrikus> We have about 15 minutes left.
[20:45] <giovanote> ver que dicen
[20:45] <alberthjavier> no
[20:45] <alberthjavier> seas
[20:45] <alberthjavier> malo
[20:45] <superkym> hendrikus, in that case where you can draw directly onto the map the danger point, where do you draw it?
[20:45] <pimp> k
[20:45] <alberthjavier> diles
[20:45] <alberthjavier> q
[20:45] <superkym> people can join zones from any directions
[20:45] <pimp> mark the swamp
[20:45] <alberthjavier> pongan el titurea
[20:46] <alberthjavier> cuando enpiza
[20:46] <storyteller> Do it with toogle on/off
[20:46] <alberthjavier> el juego
[20:46] <alberthjavier> uno
[20:46] <alberthjavier> nuevo
[20:46] <giovanote> titurea?
[20:46] <storyteller> like an magical ring
[20:46] <superkym> yes, pimp - but i was just wondering where, maybe i should not get too much into detail though
[20:46] <alberthjavier> eso
[20:46] <pimp> also mark the lowest level of semos dungeon
[20:46] <storyteller> who toggles the warning on or off
[20:46] <superkym> we have about 15 minutes left here
[20:46] <giovanote> pero el juego si tiene tutorial
[20:46] <alberthjavier> que lo pongan en español
[20:46] <hendrikus> I am not sure what pimp has in mind. I was just thinking about drawing border lines. Just like on real maps showing Germany and Poland for example.
[20:46] <alberthjavier> tmabien
[20:46] <ginny> Have someone a statistic, how many new players create an account at day?
[20:46] <madmetzger> i think the idea of marked areas is a good idea
[20:46] <giovanote> lol
[20:46] <olya> better determine min level for maps, and compare with playr's level
[20:46] <giovanote> eso es dificil
[20:46] <alberthjavier> q lo pongan en español tambie
[20:46] <hendrikus> ginny, we can create those with a bit of work.
[20:46] <alberthjavier> por
[20:46] <giovanote> puesto que el server el idioma que domina es ingles
[20:47] <ginny> ok
[20:47] <pimp> yes, mark the maps to help low levels, show them where the weak creatures that they can defeat is at
[20:47] <alberthjavier> pero no creo q nadie sepa español
[20:47] <alberthjavier> aunq sea un poco
[20:47] <Enyarok> I'd suggest to have another world map with danger zones marked. The world map helped me a lot in the beginning to navigate and to find other cities. We should make it possible to see the world map ingame, or at least write a link to it in the tutorial.
[20:47] <madmetzger> i think warning about too strong creatures might be more important
[20:47] <alberthjavier> solo para el tutorial
[20:47] Trying to open in your browser.
[20:47] <pimp> and make this game 3d
[20:47] <alberthjavier> comentale
[20:47] <storyteller> Madmetzger: Agree
[20:47] <ginny> probably the game must be make more public
[20:47] <superkym> Enyarok, that sounds good,. I think alberthjavier was volunteering
[20:48] <pimp> it will add to the mystery of what is were
[20:48] <superkym> I wanted to ask people their advice on how to promote stendhal
[20:48] Unknown command enyarok,. Please type /help to get a list.
[20:48] <hendrikus> enyarok, there is the /atlas command, but i guess it is too hidden.
[20:48] <superkym> What do you do already, are you telling your friends about the game?
[20:48] <storyteller> Check the level of the player and then compare to the monsters level
[20:48] <alberthjavier> me dices q hiceron
[20:48] <alberthjavier> cuando termine
[20:48] <alberthjavier> me voy
[20:48] <giovanote> ok
[20:48] <jesco> maybe if its posible to switch between a world map and the normal map
[20:48] <alberthjavier> giovas
[20:48] <storyteller> if it is too high, show this warning
[20:48] <superkym> jesco, the world map is really pretty huge though
[20:48] <hendrikus> Does player and monster level fit?
[20:48] <superkym> story that sounds interesting
[20:48] <pimp> many people play 3d games, so if u make the game 3d, more people will play, just look at runescape, its a 3d game and many people play it
[20:48] <storyteller> Thank you :)
[20:49] <madmetzger> marking the atlas would be a good start and could help for implementing ingame warnings
[20:49] <superkym> hendrikus yes
[20:49] <superkym> one-to-one you should be able to kill a monster of your level without potions (just)
[20:49] <hendrikus> If it was 3d it would not be Stendhal anymore.
[20:49] <superkym> that is one monster of your level.
[20:49] <storyteller> yes
[20:49] <hendrikus> Wow, i was not aware that the game is so balanced nowadays.
[20:49] <kiheru> nor do we have the man power to make it 3d anyway
[20:49] <balancer> good words
[20:49] <storyteller> What if there are many, many enemies?
[20:50] <hendrikus> Then, ruuuuun.
[20:50] <superkym> hendrikus, that is since the rp refactoring by kiheru
[20:50] <storyteller> then there will be no warning
[20:50] <pimp> or run to a safe zone and request for backup
[20:50] <pimp> i offer my services to anyone who needs them
[20:50] <balancer> dragons should hold fire
[20:50] <kiheru> many enemies means you get overwhelmed, onless you're a lot stonger than them
[20:51] <superkym> story: i like the idea and i think it is possible to count the creatures to get the warning right.
[20:51] <superkym> pimp, can you help advertise Stendhal?
[20:51] <storyteller> :) Okay
[20:51] <Enyarok> I'm more a programmer than a player, so I have no idea of this: Could you say a specific zone is for a specific level range of players? We could have that information at the atlas.
[20:51] <superkym> I have been thinking about how to advertise but I really think that word of mouth works best
[20:51] <pimp> ill c wat i can do, i have a hard time getting people to play the facebook version as it is, but i will try
[20:52] <kiheru> automatic danger level based on the respawn points on the level should not be too hard to do
[20:52] <balancer> Have well thought should a weapon of poison
[20:52] <superkym> enyarok, we could even do it from a list if someone made one.
[20:52] <pimp> the poison brings up an idea for me though
[20:52] <hendrikus> Another topic: I am wondering if it is a good idea to mark pathes (like the one from Semos to Ados) as PVP-protected zones. So that they will be visible on the minimap.
[20:52] <superkym> creatures cannot be poisoned now. but if they could we'd have poisonous weapons, yes
[20:52] <pimp> the poison should be used as a throwing weapon to poison ur enemy
[20:53] <superkym> hendrikus, so paths will show up green?
[20:53] <hendrikus> yes.
[20:53] <pimp> and then turn red depending on ur level
[20:53] <hendrikus> And it does make sense that humans will not attack other humans on a well established path.
[20:53] <madmetzger> marking pathes sounds like a good idea. maybe they don't need to show up green and be protected.
[20:53] <superkym> yes i was wondering about marking them but not making them protected
[20:53] <balancer> and about magic in the game
[20:53] <superkym> they could show up on minimap in some other colour
[20:53] <madmetzger> superkym: agree
[20:54] <olya> especially half-destroed pathes, where orcs living
[20:54] <superkym> using the pvp marking dos make it easier for now of course :)
[20:54] <madmetzger> i think it doesn't make that much sense to mark pathes as pvp safe zones
[20:54] <hendrikus> What happens if someone puts the green protection color onto the collision zone?
[20:54] <pimp> but the creatures is wat im talking about, have the screen its normal color, then when theres danger, have a skull and crossbones symbol appear in the middle of the screen
[20:54] <balancer> using for example a staff Liberace some kind of magic
[20:54] <superkym> red wins
[20:55] <madmetzger> but marking them as green helps only if the surrounding area is not protected
[20:55] <hendrikus> Okay, let asume we find a way to mark them in tiled.
[20:55] <superkym> balancer, yes, read about the magic discussions from our real life meeting. we started with magic weapons.
[20:55] <hendrikus> Does anyone volunteer to edit the maps?
[20:55] <pimp> superkym, should we use a skull and crossbones to mark danger
[20:55] <superkym> pimp, i guess we would decide the visual effect later
[20:55] <pimp> ill c wat i can do hendrikus
[20:56] <hendrikus> thank you, pimp.
[20:56] <pimp> anyone else going to join in, this is a group effort
[20:56] <olya> i bet, Lagus will help
[20:56] <superkym> well, lets see
[20:57] <pimp> we also need to do something about lagging
[20:57] <hendrikus> I guess we should postpone that topic until the next meeting.
[20:57] <hendrikus> May I suggest Sunday the 20th, same time?
[20:57] <pimp> ok
[20:57] <olya> yes
[20:57] <storyteller> Okay :)
[20:57] <snakevip> bye
[20:58] <superkym> We will collect items for the agenda
[20:58] <hendrikus> Thank you for attending.
[20:58] <storyteller> You're welcome :)
[20:58] <rosie> Thank you for organising it
[20:58] <storyteller> Oh, yes :) Thanks! :)
[20:59] <hendrikus> Feel free to join us on IRC #arianne on or
[20:59] <hendrikus> We will post a chat log and a sorted version of this meeting to the wiki in the next days.
[20:59] <superkym> Thanks everyone, we'll write up a summary too like the ones I gave you for the real life meeting and the past one.
[20:59] <hendrikus> I am away until the end of the week, so it may take a couple of days.
[20:59] <storyteller> Okay :)
[21:00] <superkym> If anyone wants to help summarise that would be cool.
[21:00] <balancer> :)
[21:00] <madmetzger> i can help with that
[21:01] <crusader> well gtg
[21:01] <crusader> tutro for math
[21:01] <balancer> I even got a print of our meeting
[21:01] <crusader> :(
[21:01] <superkym> balancer, if you can send it that would be cool
[21:02] <superkym> I'll be in arianne if you want me, bye bye for now :)
[21:02] <storyteller> Bye Kym :)
[21:02] <moonligth> :)
[21:02] superkym has left Stendhal.
[21:02] <balancer> :)
[21:02] <balancer> nice meeting