Developing TicToe HTML5/Why tick tac toe?

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Development log of TicToe HTML5

Stendhal screenshot of a Tic tac toe game.

This log describes how we developed Tic Tac Toe. Although this is a rather simple game, we hope that giving an insight on our development process may be helpful and interesting.

Why Tic Tac Toe?

The Arianne project has been around for about 10 years, and its framework Marauroa is quite stable and well used. But technology changes, there is a strong movement to HTML5 which is supported on all modern computers and smartphones and tablets out of the box. So we added HTML5 Support for Marauroa. The next step is of course, to give it some real world testing.

Following Arianne's tradition, we want to develop a game that makes use of those new features. This will ensure that they are well usable in a real world scenario.

So why Tic Tac Toe? It is true, that it is a very simple game with easy rules. But all the important aspects are there:

  • Multi player game
  • Actions done by one player are sent to the server
  • Perceptions of the current state of the relevant parts of the world are sent to the players
  • Different types of objects with different logic (tokens, game fields, players)
  • Progress/scores are saved for each players
  • A kind of lobby in which players can meet to start a game
  • We can easily add further concepts such as a hall of fame, player avatars, etc.

More complex games will follow.