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Visual Guide to Building Stendhal on Windows®

Building Stendhal is very simple, but it is recommended that you first try installing your local stendhal server on Windows®.

The versions of the programs used in this guide may not be the most recent ones. You should use the most recent versions even if they look somewhat different than these versions.

This guide uses the spanish version of Windows XP®.

But first... are you sure that you don't want to use an IDE?

This guide is aimed at those who just want to play the latest version of the game before it is officially released. If you intend to do modifications to the game, it is recommended that you follow Configure a development environment (IDE) instead.


Listed below are the major steps required to install compiling tools and compile Stendhal source files on Windows XP®:

Get started

Go to Step 1. Install the most recent version of JDK