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Stendhal Manual


All user commands can be invoked with a forward slash ("/") followed by the command name & any arguments.

Player Commands

Commands that can be used by all players.


/me <action>
Show an emote message about what you are doing.
/tell <player> <message>
Sends a private message to <player>.
/answer <message>
Sends a private message to the last player who sent a message to you.
// <message>
Sends a private message to the last player you sent a message to.
/storemessage <player> <message>
Stores a private message to deliver for an offline <player>.
List all players currently online.
/where <player>
Show the current location of <player>.
/sentence <text>
Writes the sentence that appears on Website.


Show help information.
/support <message>
Ask an administrator for help.
Open Stendhal FAQs wiki page in browser.

Item Manipulation

/drop [quantity] <item>
Drop a certain number of an item.
/markscroll <text>
Mark your empty scroll and add a text label.

Buddies and Enemies

/add <player>
Add <player> to your buddy list.
/remove <player>
Remove <player> from your buddy list.
/ignore <player> [<minutes>|*|- [<reason...>]]
Add <player> to your ignore list.
Find out who is on your ignore list.
/unignore <player>
Remove <player> from your ignore list.


/away <message>
Set an away message.
Remove away status.
/grumpy <message>
Set a message to ignore all non-buddies.
Remove grumpy status.
/name <pet> <name>
Give a name to your pet.
/profile [<name>]
Opens a player profile page on

Player Control

Switches between single click mode and double click mode.
Toggles autowalk.
Disables autowalk.

Client Settings

Mute or unmute sounds.
/volume [name <value>]
Lists or sets the volume for sound and music.


Find out what the current server time is.
Clear chat log.

GM Commands

Commands that can be used by game masters.

(See Stendhal Administration for full list)


/supportanswer <player> <message>
Replies to a support question. Replace <message> with $faq, $faqsocial, $ignore, $faqpvp, $wiki, $knownbug, $bugstracker, $rules, $notsupport or $spam shortcuts if desired.


/tellall <message>
Send a private message to all logged-in players.

Player Controls

/teleportto <name>
Teleport yourself near the specified player or NPC.
Makes you teleport to the location you double click.
Makes yourself invisible and intangible.
Toggles whether or not you are invisible to creatures.

Entity Manipulation

/teleport <player> <zone> <x> <y>
Teleport the specified player to the given location.
/alter <player> <attrib> <mode> <value>
Alter stat attrib of player by the given amount; mode can be ADD, SUB, SET or UNSET. See /gmhelp alter for details.
/altercreature <id> name;atk;def;hp;xp
Change values of the creature. Use - as a placeholder to keep default value. Useful in raids.
/alterquest <player> <questslot> <value>
Update the questslot for player to be value.
/summon <creature|item> [x] [y]
Summon the specified item or creature at co-ordinates <x>, <y> in the current zone.
/summonat <player> <slot> [amount] <item>
Summon the specified item into the specified slot of player; amount defaults to 1 if not specified.


/gmhelp [alter|script|support]
Show help information for game masters.
  • alter|script|support : Show more detailed information for category.
/adminnote <player> <note>
Logs a note about player.
/adminlevel <player> [<newlevel>]
Display or set the adminlevel of the specified player.
/jail <player> <minutes> <reason>
Imprisons the player for a given length of time.
/jailreport [player]
List the jailed players and their sentences.
/gag <player> <minutes> <reason>
Gags the player for a given length of time (player is unable to send messages to anyone).
/ban <character> <hours> <reason>
Bans the account of the character from logging onto the game server or website for the specified amount of hours (-1 till end of time).
/script <scriptname>
Load (or reload) a script on the server. See /gmhelp script for details.
/inspect <player>
Show complete details of player.
/destroy <entity>
Destroy an entity completely.