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Stendhal Manual

To use this manual, pick a topic from the blue box.

The introduction describes Stendhal, the aims, and what you need to play it.

Setting up the game describes how to download and start Stendhal, how to create an account and how to login.

Controls and Game Settings explains the Game screen layout, the basic controls and how to communicate.

Gameplay goes into more detail about communication with NPCs, includes a map of Stendhal, and covers changing outfit and combat.


For general queries, hints and tips, please read this manual, the Frequently Asked Questions, Beginners Guide or try asking around in game.

If you need (technical) help you can reach admin using /support.

If you need a reminder of anything in this manual, then hit F1 or type /manual from your client and the manual will open in your browser window. You can also type /faq for the Frequently Asked Questions page.


There is a video introduction to Stendhal at and more at

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