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The person who runs the Stendhal server can make some of the users administrators. Administrators have special abilities that help them to make sure that everyone is playing fair. The abilities are also useful for developers who want to test their code without having to waste much time playing.

If you run a server, you can give players administrator rights by adding their names to the file data/conf/admins.txt, which is in your server directory. The text file should contain one name per line. Once you have an initial admin he can use /adminlevel to grant rights to other players.

If you want to help maintain the community feeling but not get involved with detailed investigations into problems, please see Stendhal Helper Role.


/support [message]
All players and admin can use this command to ask for help (within limits). The message displays in orange on the chat log.
/supportanswer [playername] [message]
If a player has asked for support they should be answered with this, instead of private message. They should reply using /support. The messages are displayed in orange to the player and admin.
/supportanswer [playername] $shortcut
Shortcuts exist to help admin save time but still give a full and polite reply on the most common issues. They start with Hi, <playername>. If you can't remember the shortcut name try
/supportanswer [yourname] $blah
which will tell you
$blah is not a recognised shortcut. Did you mean $faq, $faqsocial, $faqpvp, $wiki, $knownbug, $bugstracker, $rules or $abuse?
or try /gmhelp support
Shows an overview of the commands described here.
Also see /gmhelp alter, /gmhelp script and /gmhelp support
/adminlevel [playername] <[newlevel]>
Displays or changes the adminlevel of playername. Need super access to change adminlevel. Example
/adminlevel hendrik
/adminlevel Athanas 200
/tellall [message]
Writes a private message to all players. Should only be used for administrative messages (not, e.g. to announce a raid.) Example:
/tellall The server will be shut down in 2 hours for a software update.
/teleport [player] [zone] [x] [y]
Teleport the player. Example:
/teleport JohnDoe 0_semos_city 20 20
/teleportto [player|npc]
Teleport yourself to the player or NPC. As usual, use quotes if the name has a space in.
Toggles teleclickmode on and off. When active you can single click on minimap or game window to instantly teleport yourself around.
/alter [object] [attrib] [mode] [value]
Change by setting, adding or subtracting the stats of a player, creature or item.
Right click and (*) Alter any item on the ground or any creature to automatically fill in the /alter [object] part.


/alter JohnDoe hp add 20 - heals JohnDoe by 20 points.
/alter JohnDoe def_xp set 100000 - sets the def_xp points to 100000 which gives a high base def.
/alter JohnDoe atk sub 1 - removes one attack strength point.
Hint: as you didn't also change the atk_xp, this change will be reverted the next time JohnDoe gains an atk experience point. Remember this when setting atk and def - set the atk_xp and def_xp not the base levels.
/alter [itemid] bound set JohnDoe - binds the item to the player JohnDoe.
/alter [creatureid] base_hp set 10000 - sets the creature's base_hp to a huge 10000. (Don't choose over 32000.) Now you should:
/alter [creatureid] hp set 10000 - so creature has full health again. You might want this for a very long living creature for a raid.
/summon [creature|item] [x] [y]
Summon an item or creature at (x, y).
If you leave out out the [x] [y] then it appears at your feet.
/summonat [player] [slot] [amount] [item]
Summon an item at the slot of the given player. Examples:
/summonat JohnDoe bag 1 sword
/summonat JohnDoe head 1 studded helmet
/summonat JohnDoe bag 500 money
/jail [player] [minutes] [reason]
Send a player directly to jail. The player will be automatically released after the specified number of minutes. To release an inmate earlier (e.g. because you found out he's innocent), use the teleport command. If the player is offline at the time his sentence finishes, he will be released on login (but not if the server is restarted).
To release a player, use a time of 0 minutes.
/jailreport [player]
Tells if a given player is in jail, and the reason, or if they are not in jail.
Used without parameters it lists all Arrest Warrants (can be very long list)
/gag [player] [minutes] [reason]
Gag a player from speaking out loud and using private messages, for the number of minutes specified. To remove a gag, use a time of 0 minutes.
/ban [character] [hours] [reason]
Bans the player from logging onto the game server or website for <hours> hours. Reason is visible to player.
/ban [character] -1 [reason]
Permanently bans the player from logging onto the game server or website. Reason is visible to player.
Makes yourself invisible for creatures, so they won't attack you.
Makes you invisible to other players. You do not appear in /who and /where to other players. They cannot /msg you. To yourself, you look invisible. Also intangible so you can walk through players, creatures and collision blocks. Hint: If you like, perform set outfit in ghostmode so that you can be visible, but intangible.
/inspect [player]
Shows detailed info about the player - stats, quest slots, armor, content of bag and bank chests. Visited zones, killed creatures and players can be seen with /script DeepInspect.class [character|username] [player]
/destroy [entity]
Destroy completely an entity. Example:
Right click on monster and choose (*) Destroy
This does not prevent monster respawning, which is handled separately.
delete [player]
Removes sign which player has rented from Gordon. (You must start a conversation with Gordon first.)
/alterquest [player] [questslot] [value]
Update the quest slot for a player Without [value] it sets it to null (not started)

For /script, see Stendhal:Scripts_For_Admins

Required adminlevel

Command Required Level
adminlevel player 0
supportanswer 50
support 100
delete 100
gag 200
tellall 200
teleportto 300
teleport 400
jail 400
teleclickmode 500
invisible 500
ghostmode 500
inspect 600
destroy 700
summon 800
summonat 800
alter 900
script 1000
adminlevel player level 5000

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