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Play Stendhal

Stendhal Manual

What is Stendhal ?

Are you looking for adventure? Do you want to fight for riches? Do you want to develop yourself and your social standing and meet new people? Or do you want to be part of a brave new world?

You can do all those things in Stendhal. Stendhal is a fully fledged multiplayer online adventures game (MMORPG) developed using the Arianne game development system.

Stendhal features a new, rich and expanding world in which you can explore towns, buildings, plains, caves and dungeons. You will meet NPCs and acquire tasks and quests for valuable items, experience and cold hard cash.

Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armor and weapons. And for those blood thirsty players, satisfy your killing desires by roaming the world in search of evil monsters!

Stendhal is totally platform independent, written using Java and the Java2D environment.

So what are you waiting for? A whole new world awaits...

Why play Stendhal?

  1. Stendhal is free!
  2. Stendhal is open source and by playing you help us improve it.
  3. Stendhal is a small download.
  4. Stendhal is a big world.
  5. A nice community.
  6. Lots of creatures to kill.
  7. Lots of quests to complete and NPCs to meet.

Aims of Stendhal

Stendhal aims to give you a fun time. Stendhal features a world in constant evolution, with tons of interesting quests to accomplish and hundreds of friends to meet. And the best of it is that it is a never ending game :)

What do I need to play Stendhal?

Stendhal is a Java game and works in any platform that is able to run the Oracle Java or OpenJDK JRE, that includes:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS

You can get Java at