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The Arianne project is hosted on Sourceforge and uses CVS (Concurrent Versions System) and Git to manage changes to our source code.

You can use a Git client to download our Stendhal source code or our Marauroa source code.

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Recent changes to the code are recorded below. We have an experimental commit database.

Changes in 2019-01

Index of logs

Timestamps are in server time.

  • 2019-01-01 23:56 nhnb a377cc075fec stendhal libs/marauroa-3.9.6.jar:
    updated marauroa to include auto-ban on storage exception
  • 2019-01-03 21:38 nhnb 4ecc29e5ec30 marauroa src/marauroa/server/game/dbcommand/ (,
    fixed deadlock on handleStorageFailure
  • 2019-01-03 21:40 nhnb 3f4cb204756e stendhal libs/marauroa.jar:
    updated marauroa to fix deadlock on handleStorageFailure
  • 2019-01-07 00:34 nhnb 7d6f7fa21e77 stendhal (4 files):
    updated mysql jdbc driver
  • 2019-01-12 21:42 bleutailfly feed2bcd3850 stendhal tiled/Level 0/deniran/ (deniran.tmx, deniran_s.tmx, deniran_sw.tmx, deniran_w.tmx):
    adding a few buildings
  • 2019-01-12 21:43 bleutailfly 2190f5373147 stendhal tiled/Level 0/orril/mountain_w2.tmx:
    opening to deniran
  • 2019-01-12 21:55 bleutailfly 40f9bf2769ce stendhal tiled/tileset/building/wall/ (wallpapers.png, white_trim.png, wood_trim.png):
    adding new interior walls
  • 2019-01-12 23:30 bleutailfly 95e567da0947 stendhal tiled/tileset/building/wall/wood_trim.png:
    added some seams
  • 2019-01-14 15:51 bleutailfly 19d8414704b1 stendhal tiled/Level 0/orril/mountain_w2.tmx:
    forgot to remove some collision
  • 2019-01-14 23:03 bleutailfly 316387afb941 stendhal tiled/Level 0/deniran/ (5 files):
    fixed a few things that I missed
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