Stendhal, Arianne, and You

Arianne Logo Stendhal is an open source project, written and released under the GNU GPL license by the Arianne project. We aim to make it easy to get involved and there are many ways to contribute. If you have an idea for a feature or something you would like different, you're very encouraged to make it happen!

You can contribute if you are a beginner or experienced Java coder, or just want to learn, artist, map maker, musician, writer, designer, and if you're not sure where you would fit in, you probably do, just take a look around.

There are loads of tutorials on our wiki including how to set up the Eclipse development environment and get started with your first Java code for a quest, so it's an ideal project for beginners to programming, supported by a friendly development team.


If you plan to help with Stendhal development it is a very good idea to talk about it with the developers and contributors in the chat channels.


0:01 Introduction
1:32 Source code download
2:11 Development portal from
2:49 Stendhal Quest Contribution
5:07 Graphics, Sound, Items, Maps, Creatures
5:28 Chatting to developers in IRC
7:20 Java Code navigation and design
7:47 Bugs and features tracker
9:50 Patch contribution
10:00 Eclipse as an IDE
10:20 Conclusion
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