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Faiumoni is a big island, with mountains on its north part, a big desert in the middle and a long river that crosses from east to west. Have a look at the interactive map.

There are two powers fighting over control of Faiumoni: the Deniran empire and Blordrough's dark legion. Deniran still controls the central and north part of Faiumoni, and has under its control the mines of Gold and Mithril. On the other side, Blordrough's legion has conquered the south lands and has under its control several mines of steel and an important gold mine.

Deniran empire is seeking help from adventurers to take part in their army in order to recover total control of Faiumoni. Unfortunately they have found an awesome resistance.


Ados is a coastal city with a very important port where merchants arrive to sell their wares. Ados is the end of an important commercial route that has its heart in Deniran, the capital of Faiumoni. It is in a food crisis right now, since the farm town Semos is suffering constant attacks from monsters and thieves, and their own fields are haunted. Ados now pays high fees to good heroines and heroes that can help protect the town Semos and the food caravans that go between Semos and Ados. It is populated by 300 persons.


Athor is a holiday island popular with residents of Ados. It is off the Southeastern coast of Faiumoni.


Amazon is a large island situated off the East coast of Faiumoni.


Deniran is the jewel of the crown, the center of Faiumoni and supports the army that tries to defeat enemies that want to conquer Faiumoni. Deniran has a very important commercial route with other empires that is channelled through the imperial path up to Ados on the north and with Sikhw on the south. Unfortunately Sikhw was conquered some time ago, and no one can reach Deniran anymore.


Formerly called Quamos, Fado is a city by the Or'ril river and the second in the commercial route from Deniran to Ados. Fado guards the a nearby bridge over the river. The city is on the crossing of paths to the coastal village of Erest at the east (which supplies Fado with fish, meat and vegetables, much like Semos does for Ados) and Kad'Mit, a city lost in the mountains, through the path of the great Southwestern desert. While not as important as the maritime and commercial Ados, Fado is growing fast by being the single goods provider for Kad'Mit, Erest and Tharas (another coastal village) and enjoys of an active social life being the preferred city for celebrating marriages and tasting the most elaborated meals.


Kalavan is an area in Faiumoni which is popular for buying houses in addition to having a lot of places to hunt and earn experience points. The city is south of, and easy to reach from Fado. It also has its own castle and you can find the secret entrance to the Fado Great Caves close to it. The cities inhabitants were meant to be housewives and other citizens before our Faiuomi heroes came to them. The original inhabitants are still trying to recapture their city.


The Kikareukin area is in the Semos Mountains, in Northwestern Faiumoni. It includes features like the tower up to the sky and the Semos Yeti Cave.


The city of Kirdneh can be found south of Semos, close to the Nalwor river. Kirdneh is similar to Kalavan. Players can relax and settle down there. There are lots of great houses which they can buy for taking some time out of the hard life of a hero. There are a lot of different places you can visit in that city, like the city museum and the town hall in which you can ask for free houses. There is also a tavern in which players can train and gain their fighting skills, but be careful while doing that.



Nalwor is an ancient elvish city, that legend says was built to defend Teruykeh, the elvish capital, against an ancient evil. Nalwor was built long years before the first human set his feet on Faiumoni. Because elves dislike other races, their cities are generally hidden inside forests or deep valleys.


Once the Or'ril castle was left to abandonment by the unit of Deniran's swordsmen, a powerful lich translated his laboratory there.


To defend the route from Ados to Deniran a set of castles where built around the imperial path. Now Or'ril is abandoned because the empire's army has been sent to defend the south part of the empire that is suffering constant attacks. It used to be populated by a unit of Deniran's swordsmen, around 60 of them, plus a set of helpers. It is not known if there is anyone lives in the castle anymore.


Once the base of Kalavan's mining operations Sedah has been recently taken over by a faction of imperial rebels lead by Ivan Abe. Abe gathers his forces here to one day overthrow the reigning king of Kalavan. Emperor Dalmung serves as his strategic adviser and Pjotr Yearl will buy red armor on the cheap for the rebel barracks.


Semos is a small city on the North of Faiumoni. Semos is popular because it is the city you start in after creating a new account and your adventures in the world of Faiumoni. That is also why a lot of important starter information is given there. It is populated by 40-50 people.


It is an important colony of kobolds, that have built a site near the hideout of Oangu, an old demon that inhabited the mines.

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