Reporting bugs is very important so that we can keep Stendhal running smoothly. So, if a bug is worth asking /support or a developer about, it is worth submitting a bug report on.

We have made this page to help you with the process of submitting a bug report, because we find them so helpful.

You can submit a new report here, or browse the bugs tracker, you may wish to select Category Open and then click Filter if you only wish to see the Open bug reports.

We are more than happy to close reports that are not really bugs, and would prefer you to submit a bug report and us close it, than not submit it and we never find out about it. Having said that, before submitting a bug you should scan over the previously posted bugs summaries so that you don't report an already known bug.

Making a Report

If you need any help on submitting a bug report feel free to come and ask the developers and contributors at the irc channel #arianne, you can just ask the question as the channel is logged, then wait for an answer incase noone was physically present when you arrived.

If there are multiple bugs to report, please open a report for each.

  • Summary - This is the title of the bug report. Choose a meaningful and brief sentence.
    • Bad summary: "there is a bug", "bug found" "error occurred"
    • Good summary: "Stendhal 0.67 map wrong at x y in -3_semos_cave" or "Test client: buddies panel does not show buddies online state"
  • Description - This is where to write what happened. Please try to include:
    • Where were you when the bug happened? (use '/where yourUserName' in game)
    • What did you do when the bug happened?
    • What did happen, what did you expect to happen
    • Is it reproducable? If so: Which steps are needed to reproduce it?
    • when talking about map-errors like 'you can walk under a chair' please provide the exact position and if possible a little screenshot.
    • If things in client look weird a screenshot says more than 1000 words
    • Your email address, if you are not a logged in member of sourceforge
    • Unless you have a good reason to think it's irrelevant:
    • Your Operating system
    • If you run from webstart or downloaded client
    • What java version you have (In Linux, type java --version in a command line. Windows users, check here)
    • any error logs (in log/stendhal.txt)
  • Private - please tick the check box for sensitive or easily abused issues.
  • File Upload - here is where to attach a screenshot or a text output of an error log.
  • Everything Else - don't worry about any of the other entries.

Pre release Testers

Please make sure you connect with the MAIN-client to the MAIN-server and with the (up to date!) TEST-client to the TEST-server

Please add to the bug summary if you were on TEST or on MAIN


Please make sure the bug also happens with latest cvs-HEAD without the changes you made to the source and did not yet commit.

Remember the importance of 'ant clean' or whatever the equivalent is in your IDE.

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