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There is a lot of reading material available which may be of help:

Asking for help

Most other players are very helpful. So if you need help, it is often a good idea, to just ask around in game.

Admins and Support

In game if you need help you can ask /support. Often other players are very helpful, too. So you might want to ask around in game.

Please note: Admins and Game Masters will use the /support system to talk to you. In game they have their name displayed in yellow. Please report players, who claim to be an admin, to /support.


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You can chat with us using the webchat.

Or you can use an IRC client to connect to the same channel:

network: libera -

Then join channel: #arianne

It is publicly logged so keep your language clean! Remember to read the channel topic when you enter.

It may be worth checking out this very helpful page first: how to ask questions the clever way


We also have a Discord Server bridged to our IRC channels.

You can find more information on our website

You can help us

  • If you want to be a community helper, see Stendhal Helper Role.
  • If you came here to submit a bug, please see SubmitBug.
  • If you wish to request a feature, please see RequestFeature.
  • Finally if you wish to submit a patch for any arianne project, please see the relevant entry in the Stendhal FAQ.


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