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In every world there are deep and dark places full of monsters, waiting for some adventurers to discover their secrets.


The Semos Dungeons are integrated into the Semos City area. You can reach the Dungeons by entering the hole in Semos City itself.

The Semos Mines have a huge tunnel system in which different kind of creatures live. If you are brave enough, you can explore a wide area to prove your skills.

The Semos Caves are really popular. People of all kinds have fun exploring there. The caves are also known as 'the bear cave' and 'giant caves'.

The Semos Catacombs can be accessed through a hole on Semos Graveyard. Prepare yourself well to fight the undead.

The Semos Yeti Cave is an icy place. It will be better to take something warm to dress with you when you are walking there...


It is the pure picture of untouched nature which you will find when reaching Outside Ados. What is so spectacular about this area is the nice wildlife refuge and some caves which can be found in the mountains.

The Ados Abandoned Keep can be found in the Ados Mountains. It's the home of mountain orcs, mountain dwarves and duergars. Keep your eyes open for treasures around your way through different floors! As more up you come as more dangerous it will be.

The Ados Caves are built up from lots of smaller caves and tunnels. There are many different creatures running around which guard the paths.


The huge tunnel system of Amazon is quite confusing when you are trying to find the correct exit. Maybe you will be stranded somewhere...

Assassin Tunnel

The Assassin Tunnel is populated by young, strong assassins, some of whom are trainees who wait for huge tasks which they alone can solve. Other occupants include a group of Blordrough deserters, along with their beloved dragons.

Drow Tunnels

The Drow Tunnels are populated by evil dark elves which are really dangerous. But there are also some mystical creatures which are waiting for their next victims...


There are lots of things to discover in the Fado Great Caves while adventuring them. Watch out!


Hell is a fiery place deep below the ground, a place of great evil. It's full of dark monsters and strange people.


Kanmararn is the legendary city of dwarves deep in Semos Dungeons.


Kotoch is a Dungeon which lies in an area of the Orril Mountains. There are lots of routes which you can choose but be careful and keep your eyes open for danger.


Long paths and tunnels wait for heroes in these caves. There are special and mystical areas here with lots of huge creatures. Take care, it might be dangerous...


Huge Orril Castle is located in the Orril Mountain area. It includes different floors and creatures which young adventurers have to pass before they find a secret place waiting underneath the castle...

The Orril Dungeon is also known as the "Rat Dungeon". Maybe you will find your way to something special down in the tunnels...

The tunnel system of Orril Dwarf Mine is guarded by lots of dwarves and their pet, a green dragon. But it also contains one of the most precious materials of whole Faiumoni, iron ore. {{#breadcrumbs: Stendhal | World | Dungeons }}

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