Most killed (recently)

rat rat
It was killed 9841 times

Best Player killer (recently)

wolf wolf
It has killed 6 players

Killed monsters on this server run

crab crab 521 killed deer deer 162 killed mouse mouse 76 killed rat rat 9841 killed bat bat 1894 killed caverat caverat 1629 killed chick chick 211 killed chicken chicken 1565 killed mother hen mother hen 112 killed penguin penguin 842 killed pigeon pigeon 91 killed piglet piglet 191 killed babybear babybear 148 killed beaver beaver 449 killed big bad wolf big bad wolf 1 killed boar boar 376 killed bull bull 4 killed caiman caiman 12 killed cow cow 12 killed fox fox 169 killed gnome gnome 1747 killed goat goat 219 killed horse horse 35 killed mage gnome mage gnome 737 killed monkey monkey 46 killed panda panda 29 killed ram ram 5 killed white horse white horse 11 killed wolf wolf 5832 killed dodo dodo 40 killed grass snake grass snake 92 killed snake snake 696 killed bear bear 2930 killed lion lion 417 killed cavalryman gnome cavalryman gnome 2083 killed elephant elephant 192 killed goblin goblin 1059 killed infantry gnome infantry gnome 2050 killed kobold kobold 517 killed tiger tiger 320 killed venomrat venomrat 453 killed gargoyle gargoyle 431 killed skeleton skeleton 1361 killed young beholder young beholder 110 killed killer bat killer bat 1418 killed soldier kobold soldier kobold 955 killed veteran goblin veteran goblin 15 killed zombie rat zombie rat 10 killed archer kobold archer kobold 337 killed black bear black bear 3610 killed elder gargoyle elder gargoyle 114 killed green slime green slime 115 killed razorrat razorrat 310 killed beholder beholder 90 killed cyclops cyclops 1603 killed leprechaun leprechaun 2218 killed soldier goblin soldier goblin 13 killed veteran kobold veteran kobold 490 killed dark gargoyle dark gargoyle 473 killed orc orc 521 killed troll troll 1089 killed littlefairy littlefairy 1591 killed clurichaun clurichaun 2526 killed mummy mummy 59 killed ogre ogre 406 killed orc spearman orc spearman 64 killed risecia thug risecia thug 103 killed leader kobold leader kobold 1017 killed orc hunter orc hunter 75 killed orc warrior orc warrior 632 killed risecia archer risecia archer 90 killed crocodile crocodile 300 killed dwarf dwarf 1123 killed elder beholder elder beholder 252 killed elf elf 846 killed frogman frogman 136 killed ghost ghost 160 killed giantrat giantrat 660 killed killer bee killer bee 8 killed ratman ratman 11 killed ratwoman ratwoman 2 killed tiny skelly tiny skelly 165 killed bloody zombie bloody zombie 54 killed brown slime brown slime 31 killed red troll red troll 243 killed venom gargoyle venom gargoyle 49 killed elder ogre elder ogre 55 killed risecia swordsman risecia swordsman 132 killed dwarf guardian dwarf guardian 1207 killed militia elf militia elf 362 killed orc chief orc chief 151 killed archer elf archer elf 203 killed zombie zombie 230 killed Chief Falatheen of the Risecia Chief Falatheen of the Risecia 36 killed brain ahouga brain ahouga 441 killed elder dwarf elder dwarf 503 killed spider spider 1219 killed vampire bride vampire bride 72 killed headless monster headless monster 91 killed soldier elf soldier elf 844 killed ogre soldier ogre soldier 44 killed warrior skeleton warrior skeleton 211 killed black slime black slime 156 killed cannibal woman cannibal woman 11 killed royal mummy royal mummy 19 killed wooden golem wooden golem 76 killed archrat archrat 13 killed glow monster glow monster 33 killed hero dwarf hero dwarf 620 killed mage elf mage elf 212 killed mimic mimic 168 killed poisonous spider poisonous spider 675 killed sheepman sheepman 3 killed elder skeleton elder skeleton 23 killed elite frogman elite frogman 5 killed littlewitch littlewitch 840 killed monk monk 492 killed rotten zombie rotten zombie 119 killed littlewizard littlewizard 1165 killed red roohako red roohako 407 killed duergar duergar 46 killed kalavan housewife kalavan housewife 162 killed cannibal cannibal 10 killed commander elf commander elf 145 killed death death 152 killed armored sheepman armored sheepman 2 killed kalavan peasant kalavan peasant 147 killed duergar axeman duergar axeman 26 killed stone golem stone golem 64 killed kalavan wisewoman kalavan wisewoman 107 killed superogre superogre 25 killed kalavan citizen kalavan citizen 144 killed wizard frogman wizard frogman 31 killed archmage elf archmage elf 224 killed dark mutant dark mutant 224 killed elder cannibal elder cannibal 1 killed leader dwarf leader dwarf 294 killed elder duergar elder duergar 30 killed imperial defender imperial defender 658 killed bandit bandit 739 killed imperial veteran imperial veteran 69 killed robot aruthon robot aruthon 270 killed albino elf swordsman albino elf swordsman 415 killed elder sheepman elder sheepman 2 killed cat woman cat woman 32 killed darkmonk darkmonk 334 killed shark shark 6 killed barbarian barbarian 16 killed disciple assassin disciple assassin 82 killed imperial archer imperial archer 370 killed madaram archer madaram archer 37 killed vampirette vampirette 268 killed duergar elite duergar elite 31 killed madaram peasant madaram peasant 53 killed mountain orc mountain orc 91 killed albino elf archer albino elf archer 95 killed demon skeleton demon skeleton 644 killed imperial priest imperial priest 301 killed invisible man invisible man 59 killed child dark elf child dark elf 262 killed elite sheepman elite sheepman 1 killed imperial elite guardian imperial elite guardian 334 killed madaram trooper madaram trooper 47 killed barbarian wolf barbarian wolf 59 killed nymph nymph 3 killed violet avenger violet avenger 225 killed apprentice assassin apprentice assassin 59 killed elf sacerdotist elf sacerdotist 103 killed ghost hound ghost hound 0 killed ice golem ice golem 586 killed minotaur minotaur 1 killed duergar hero duergar hero 24 killed mountain orc warrior mountain orc warrior 50 killed hunter hunter 301 killed barbarian elite barbarian elite 56 killed elf wizard elf wizard 39 killed madaram soldier madaram soldier 40 killed unicorn unicorn 1 killed dark elf archer dark elf archer 164 killed air elemental air elemental 1481 killed earth elemental earth elemental 270 killed elf bodyguard elf bodyguard 48 killed fire elemental fire elemental 389 killed green dragon green dragon 247 killed ice elemental ice elemental 302 killed imperial scientist imperial scientist 427 killed water elemental water elemental 72 killed duergar wizard duergar wizard 186 killed mountain orc hunter mountain orc hunter 72 killed death knight death knight 107 killed devil queen devil queen 82 killed barbarian priest barbarian priest 24 killed madaram healer madaram healer 35 killed mountain dwarf mountain dwarf 262 killed albino elf magician albino elf magician 673 killed bone dragon bone dragon 236 killed dark elf dark elf 458 killed fallen warrior fallen warrior 12 killed giant kobold giant kobold 1025 killed googon googon 276 killed imperial high priest imperial high priest 210 killed madaram axeman madaram axeman 58 killed blue mohiko blue mohiko 449 killed centaur centaur 2 killed assassin assassin 1428 killed madaram queen madaram queen 19 killed albino elf queen albino elf queen 135 killed barbarian chaman barbarian chaman 26 killed madaram hero madaram hero 23 killed dark elf elite archer dark elf elite archer 131 killed mountain dwarf guardian mountain dwarf guardian 332 killed albino elf king albino elf king 110 killed black duergar black duergar 51 killed dark elf captain dark elf captain 120 killed djinn djinn 1876 killed green phantom green phantom 12 killed lich lich 52 killed madaram windwalker madaram windwalker 43 killed imperial archer leader imperial archer leader 237 killed madaram cavalry madaram cavalry 39 killed mountain orc chief mountain orc chief 20 killed minotaur king minotaur king 0 killed mountain elder dwarf mountain elder dwarf 347 killed snarfkin snarfkin 382 killed amazoness archer amazoness archer 28 killed cave troll cave troll 164 killed amazoness hunter amazoness hunter 25 killed barbarian leader barbarian leader 56 killed imperial elite archer imperial elite archer 360 killed mithrilbourgh soldier mithrilbourgh soldier 709 killed ninja ninja 291 killed dark elf knight dark elf knight 70 killed imperial leader imperial leader 441 killed vampire lord vampire lord 47 killed imp imp 900 killed madaram stalker madaram stalker 40 killed mountain hero dwarf mountain hero dwarf 345 killed oni warrior oni warrior 142 killed mithrilbourgh archer mithrilbourgh archer 10 killed amazoness coastguard amazoness coastguard 1 killed madaram buster blader madaram buster blader 15 killed blue dragon blue dragon 223 killed dark elf general dark elf general 144 killed winged blue imp winged blue imp 1248 killed mithrilbourgh knight mithrilbourgh knight 346 killed imperial chief imperial chief 55 killed imperial knight imperial knight 78 killed mithrilbourgh elite archer mithrilbourgh elite archer 199 killed oni archer oni archer 96 killed amazoness archer commander amazoness archer commander 8 killed naga naga 1114 killed fallen priest fallen priest 216 killed amazoness elite coastguard amazoness elite coastguard 0 killed barbarian king barbarian king 26 killed chaos soldier chaos soldier 2894 killed mermaid mermaid 6 killed mithrilbourgh sergeant mithrilbourgh sergeant 191 killed amazoness bodyguard amazoness bodyguard 48 killed oni priest oni priest 83 killed amazoness coastguard mistress amazoness coastguard mistress 0 killed mountain leader dwarf mountain leader dwarf 193 killed incorporeal armor incorporeal armor 105 killed dark aruthon dark aruthon 253 killed ent ent 599 killed werewolf werewolf 120 killed duergar king duergar king 10 killed samurai samurai 354 killed amazoness commander amazoness commander 14 killed dead lich dead lich 57 killed imperial commander imperial commander 271 killed mithrilbourgh lieutenant mithrilbourgh lieutenant 247 killed old ent old ent 8 killed high naga high naga 271 killed imperial experiment imperial experiment 83 killed chaos warrior chaos warrior 2607 killed demon demon 178 killed imperial demon servant imperial demon servant 364 killed kasarkutominubat kasarkutominubat 12 killed mithrilbourgh colonel mithrilbourgh colonel 386 killed Dhohr Nuggetcutter Dhohr Nuggetcutter 2 killed baby angel baby angel 2578 killed dark elf wizard dark elf wizard 246 killed giant dwarf giant dwarf 22 killed grobble monster grobble monster 65 killed fallen high priest fallen high priest 186 killed imperial mutant imperial mutant 37 killed mithrilbourgh wizard mithrilbourgh wizard 231 killed imperial general imperial general 362 killed shadows assassin shadows assassin 328 killed armed naga armed naga 391 killed amazoness vigilance amazoness vigilance 4 killed mithrilbourgh general mithrilbourgh general 35 killed cobra cobra 27 killed chaos commander chaos commander 379 killed dark elf viceroy dark elf viceroy 73 killed imperial demon lord imperial demon lord 262 killed winged blurble winged blurble 248 killed chaos sorcerer chaos sorcerer 375 killed high lich high lich 73 killed amazoness imperator amazoness imperator 4 killed dark elf ranger dark elf ranger 132 killed emperor dalmung emperor dalmung 3 killed chaos dragonrider chaos dragonrider 323 killed oni king oni king 6 killed giant giant 935 killed giant spider giant spider 160 killed twilight slime twilight slime 0 killed lamia lamia 3 killed entwife entwife 260 killed blordrough quartermaster blordrough quartermaster 280 killed imperial general giant imperial general giant 739 killed oni queen oni queen 13 killed king cobra king cobra 45 killed dark elf sacerdotist dark elf sacerdotist 252 killed red dragon red dragon 198 killed chaos lord chaos lord 311 killed master assassin master assassin 79 killed dark elf admiral dark elf admiral 4 killed elder giant elder giant 540 killed flying golden dragon flying golden dragon 128 killed dark elf master dark elf master 89 killed twin headed dragon twin headed dragon 148 killed blordrough corporal blordrough corporal 457 killed master giant master giant 418 killed chaos green dragonrider chaos green dragonrider 192 killed dark elf matronmother dark elf matronmother 93 killed kraken kraken 1 killed ice giant ice giant 109 killed blordrough storm trooper blordrough storm trooper 577 killed dwarf golem dwarf golem 164 killed xenocium xenocium 171 killed amazoness giant amazoness giant 12 killed thing thing 34 killed chaos overlord chaos overlord 205 killed chaos red dragonrider chaos red dragonrider 157 killed black dragon black dragon 135 killed devil monk devil monk 133 killed fallen angel fallen angel 100 killed black giant black giant 185 killed angel angel 189 killed necrosophia necrosophia 153 killed black death black death 105 killed Lord Durin Lord Durin 28 killed archangel archangel 125 killed pegasus pegasus 1 killed arachne arachne 41 killed balrog balrog 70 killed dark angel dark angel 65 killed golden death golden death 74 killed dark archangel dark archangel 51 killed gashadokuro gashadokuro 30 killed
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