Most killed (recently)

It was killed 0 times

Best Player killer (recently)

rat rat
It has killed 10 players

Killed monsters on this server run

crab crab 0 killed deer deer 0 killed mouse mouse 0 killed rat rat 0 killed bat bat 0 killed caverat caverat 0 killed chick chick 0 killed chicken chicken 0 killed mother hen mother hen 0 killed penguin penguin 0 killed pigeon pigeon 0 killed piglet piglet 0 killed babybear babybear 0 killed beaver beaver 0 killed big bad wolf big bad wolf 0 killed boar boar 0 killed bull bull 0 killed caiman caiman 0 killed cow cow 0 killed fox fox 0 killed gnome gnome 0 killed goat goat 0 killed horse horse 0 killed mage gnome mage gnome 0 killed monkey monkey 0 killed panda panda 0 killed ram ram 0 killed white horse white horse 0 killed wolf wolf 0 killed dodo dodo 0 killed grass snake grass snake 0 killed snake snake 0 killed bear bear 0 killed lion lion 0 killed cavalryman gnome cavalryman gnome 0 killed elephant elephant 0 killed goblin goblin 0 killed infantry gnome infantry gnome 0 killed kobold kobold 0 killed tiger tiger 0 killed venomrat venomrat 0 killed gargoyle gargoyle 0 killed skeleton skeleton 0 killed young beholder young beholder 0 killed killer bat killer bat 0 killed soldier kobold soldier kobold 0 killed veteran goblin veteran goblin 0 killed zombie rat zombie rat 0 killed archer kobold archer kobold 0 killed black bear black bear 0 killed elder gargoyle elder gargoyle 0 killed green slime green slime 0 killed razorrat razorrat 0 killed beholder beholder 0 killed cyclops cyclops 0 killed leprechaun leprechaun 0 killed soldier goblin soldier goblin 0 killed veteran kobold veteran kobold 0 killed dark gargoyle dark gargoyle 0 killed orc orc 0 killed troll troll 0 killed littlefairy littlefairy 0 killed turtle turtle 0 killed clurichaun clurichaun 0 killed mummy mummy 0 killed ogre ogre 0 killed orc spearman orc spearman 0 killed risecia thug risecia thug 0 killed leader kobold leader kobold 0 killed orc hunter orc hunter 0 killed orc warrior orc warrior 0 killed risecia archer risecia archer 0 killed crocodile crocodile 0 killed dwarf dwarf 0 killed elder beholder elder beholder 0 killed elf elf 0 killed frogman frogman 0 killed ghost ghost 0 killed giantrat giantrat 0 killed killer bee killer bee 0 killed ratman ratman 0 killed ratwoman ratwoman 0 killed tiny skelly tiny skelly 0 killed bloody zombie bloody zombie 0 killed brown slime brown slime 0 killed red troll red troll 0 killed venom gargoyle venom gargoyle 0 killed elder ogre elder ogre 0 killed risecia swordsman risecia swordsman 0 killed dwarf guardian dwarf guardian 0 killed militia elf militia elf 0 killed orc chief orc chief 0 killed archer elf archer elf 0 killed zombie zombie 0 killed Chief Falatheen of the Risecia Chief Falatheen of the Risecia 0 killed brain ahouga brain ahouga 0 killed elder dwarf elder dwarf 0 killed spider spider 0 killed vampire bride vampire bride 0 killed headless monster headless monster 0 killed soldier elf soldier elf 0 killed ogre soldier ogre soldier 0 killed polar bear polar bear 0 killed tiny scarab tiny scarab 0 killed warrior skeleton warrior skeleton 0 killed black slime black slime 0 killed cannibal woman cannibal woman 0 killed royal mummy royal mummy 0 killed wooden golem wooden golem 0 killed archrat archrat 0 killed glow monster glow monster 0 killed hero dwarf hero dwarf 0 killed mage elf mage elf 0 killed mimic mimic 0 killed poisonous spider poisonous spider 0 killed sheepman sheepman 0 killed elder skeleton elder skeleton 0 killed elite frogman elite frogman 0 killed littlewitch littlewitch 0 killed monk monk 0 killed rotten zombie rotten zombie 0 killed littlewizard littlewizard 0 killed red roohako red roohako 0 killed duergar duergar 0 killed kalavan housewife kalavan housewife 0 killed cannibal cannibal 0 killed commander elf commander elf 0 killed death death 0 killed armored sheepman armored sheepman 0 killed kalavan peasant kalavan peasant 0 killed duergar axeman duergar axeman 0 killed stone golem stone golem 0 killed kalavan wisewoman kalavan wisewoman 0 killed superogre superogre 0 killed kalavan citizen kalavan citizen 0 killed wizard frogman wizard frogman 0 killed archmage elf archmage elf 0 killed dark mutant dark mutant 0 killed elder cannibal elder cannibal 0 killed leader dwarf leader dwarf 0 killed cannibal warrior cannibal warrior 0 killed elder duergar elder duergar 0 killed imperial defender imperial defender 0 killed bandit bandit 0 killed imperial veteran imperial veteran 0 killed robot aruthon robot aruthon 0 killed albino elf swordsman albino elf swordsman 0 killed elder sheepman elder sheepman 0 killed cat woman cat woman 0 killed darkmonk darkmonk 0 killed shark shark 0 killed barbarian barbarian 0 killed disciple assassin disciple assassin 0 killed imperial archer imperial archer 0 killed madaram archer madaram archer 0 killed vampirette vampirette 0 killed duergar elite duergar elite 0 killed madaram peasant madaram peasant 0 killed mountain orc mountain orc 0 killed albino elf archer albino elf archer 0 killed demon skeleton demon skeleton 0 killed imperial priest imperial priest 0 killed invisible man invisible man 0 killed child dark elf child dark elf 0 killed elite sheepman elite sheepman 0 killed imperial elite guardian imperial elite guardian 0 killed madaram trooper madaram trooper 0 killed barbarian wolf barbarian wolf 0 killed nymph nymph 0 killed violet avenger violet avenger 0 killed apprentice assassin apprentice assassin 0 killed elf sacerdotist elf sacerdotist 0 killed ghost hound ghost hound 0 killed ice golem ice golem 0 killed minotaur minotaur 0 killed duergar hero duergar hero 0 killed mountain orc warrior mountain orc warrior 0 killed bull elephant bull elephant 0 killed hunter hunter 0 killed poison shroom poison shroom 0 killed barbarian elite barbarian elite 0 killed elf wizard elf wizard 0 killed madaram soldier madaram soldier 0 killed unicorn unicorn 0 killed dark elf archer dark elf archer 0 killed air elemental air elemental 0 killed earth elemental earth elemental 0 killed elf bodyguard elf bodyguard 0 killed fire elemental fire elemental 0 killed green dragon green dragon 0 killed ice elemental ice elemental 0 killed imperial scientist imperial scientist 0 killed water elemental water elemental 0 killed duergar wizard duergar wizard 0 killed mountain orc hunter mountain orc hunter 0 killed death knight death knight 0 killed devil queen devil queen 0 killed barbarian priest barbarian priest 0 killed madaram healer madaram healer 0 killed mountain dwarf mountain dwarf 0 killed albino elf magician albino elf magician 0 killed bone dragon bone dragon 0 killed dark elf dark elf 0 killed fallen warrior fallen warrior 0 killed giant kobold giant kobold 0 killed googon googon 0 killed imperial high priest imperial high priest 0 killed madaram axeman madaram axeman 0 killed blue mohiko blue mohiko 0 killed centaur centaur 0 killed assassin assassin 0 killed madaram queen madaram queen 0 killed albino elf queen albino elf queen 0 killed barbarian chaman barbarian chaman 0 killed madaram hero madaram hero 0 killed dark elf elite archer dark elf elite archer 0 killed mountain dwarf guardian mountain dwarf guardian 0 killed albino elf king albino elf king 0 killed black duergar black duergar 0 killed dark elf captain dark elf captain 0 killed djinn djinn 0 killed green phantom green phantom 0 killed lich lich 0 killed madaram windwalker madaram windwalker 0 killed imperial archer leader imperial archer leader 0 killed madaram cavalry madaram cavalry 0 killed mountain orc chief mountain orc chief 0 killed