Stendhal is completely open source. Both client and server are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

For players

You most likely want one of these downloads:

The Stendhal desktop client works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It requires a Java runtime.


For developers

If you are a developer, you may be interested in these files. Please have a look at the development corner.

    This file contains the stendhal server files. It is not needed to play Stendhal.
  • stendhal-src.tar.gz
    This file is for developers. It contains the source code for both the client and the server.

We use Tiled to edit Stendhal maps.

Pre-release testing

Please see Stendhal Testing, if you want to help us test the next release.

Use this beta version with care as it will contain bugs. Please note: It will not update itself.

  • org.stendhalgame.client-1047005-debug.apk
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