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This is a list to score item drop rarity from creatures. Score is determined using the following formula. Lower number means more rare:


spawn count Number of spawn points in world for a creature.
drop rate Chance of drop from creature (using 0.05, not 5.0 as shown on website).
respawn Average creature respawn time in minutes.

Formula: (spawn count * drop rate * (1 / respawn)) * 1000 + (spawn count * drop rate * (1 / respawn)) * 1000 ...

Tools for Calculating

A Python script is available for calculating.


python <item1> [<item2> [<item3> ...]]

The creatures_spawn_points.txt file was generated with the tool & needs to be regenerated if number of creature spawn points have changed.


An asterisk (*) denotes that the score may be inaccurate due to possible inaccurate number of calculated spawn points.

Items Lists


updated 2022-05-22

Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
axe axe 649.87
axe bardiche 239.65
axe battle axe 274.054
axe black halberd 0.12
axe black scythe 0.09
axe chaos axe 0.03
axe durin axe 0.39
axe golden twoside axe 19.21
axe halberd 98.29
axe hand axe 109.67
axe magic twoside axe 1.72
axe old scythe 583.94
axe scythe 38.52
axe small axe 69.33
axe twoside axe 805.92
club chaos hammer 5.07
club club 2844.44
club enhanced mace 298.3
club flail 3432.29
club golden hammer 489.82
club golden mace 218.13
club hammer 564.33
club ice war hammer 0.15
club mace 580.80
club morning star 90.59
club skull staff 81.22
club staff 167.37
club ugmash 86.57
club vulcano hammer 0.18
club war hammer 169.1
ranged composite bow 110.43
ranged crossbow 347.3
ranged hunter crossbow 104.55
ranged longbow 324.11
ranged mithril bow 0.03
ranged wooden bow 312.11
sword assassin dagger 235.12
sword biting sword 78.71
sword black sword 0.15
sword broadsword 530.68
sword buster 2.26
sword chaos dagger 2.0
sword chaos sword 120.58
sword claymore 105.65
sword dagger 1220.99
sword dark dagger 6.95
sword demon fire sword 0.17
sword demon sword 33.73
sword drow sword 8.04
sword elvish sword 66.0
sword fire sword 78.51
sword golden blade 0.004
sword golden orc sword 0.09 0.01
sword great sword 29.99
sword hell dagger 1.46
sword ice sword 3.28
sword imperator sword 0.33
sword immortal sword 0.17
sword katana 358.25
sword knife 41.67
sword night dagger 30.9
sword nihonto 1.39
sword orc sword 9.41
sword orcish sword 0.86
sword royal dagger 0.23
sword scimitar 510.67
sword short sword 619.57
sword soul dagger 0.02
sword sword 71.63
sword vampire sword 0.1
sword xeno sword 0.67


updated 2022-05-28


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
armor barbarian armor 400.95
armor black armor *0.26
armor blue armor 268.83
armor chain armor 1007.51
armor chaos armor 4.45
armor dress 175.0
armor dwarvish armor 163.15
armor elvish armor 359.57
armor enhanced chainmail 4407.55
armor golden armor 536.32
armor golden chainmail 1790.64
armor ice armor 3.38
armor iron scale armor 2464.49
armor leather armor 2966.67
armor leather cuirass 2848.33
armor leather scale armor 1133.33
armor magic plate armor 0.097
armor mainio armor 1.33
armor pauldroned iron cuirass 1556.03
armor pauldroned leather cuirass 2531.05
armor plate armor 1974.267
armor red armor 57.85
armor royal armor 1.31
armor scale armor 2186.09
armor shadow armor 450.59
armor stone armor 53.63
armor studded armor 1085.37
armor xeno armor 2.0


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
boots black boots 19.51
boots blue boots 155.52
boots chain boots 570.52
boots chaos boots 347.15
boots elvish boots 170.63
boots golden boots 89.09
boots green thing boots 1.45
boots leather boots 100.0
boots magic plate boots 1.44
boots mainio boots 6.99
boots mithril boots 0.02
boots red boots 282.9
boots royal boots 4.36
boots shadow boots 248.78
boots steel boots 315.17
boots stone boots 374.07
boots studded boots 768.43
boots xeno boots 3.33


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
cloak black cloak 1.0
cloak black dragon cloak *0.63
cloak blue dragon cloak 42.19
cloak blue elf cloak 83.50
cloak blue striped cloak 39.38
cloak bone dragon cloak 21.82
cloak chaos cloak 200.67
cloak cloak 1534.51
cloak dwarf cloak 42.52
cloak elf cloak 127.65
cloak elvish cloak 296.77
cloak golden cloak 71.0
cloak green dragon cloak 91.49
cloak lich cloak 2.8
cloak magic cloak 20.76
cloak mainio cloak 5.16
cloak red cloak 174.01
cloak red dragon cloak 13.86
cloak royal cloak 5.86
cloak shadow cloak 93.14
cloak stone cloak 161.21
cloak vampire cloak 1.46
cloak xeno cloak 2.0


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
helmet aventail 100.82
helmet black helmet 2.79
helmet blue helmet 261.27
helmet chain helmet 127.08
helmet chaos helmet 44.16
helmet elvish hat 421.86
helmet golden helmet 80.9
helmet horned golden helmet 25.98
helmet leather helmet 286.86
helmet liberty helmet 2.73
helmet magic chain helmet 0.17
helmet mainio helmet 3.47
helmet red helmet 111.36
helmet robins hat 233.33
helmet royal helmet 0.74
helmet shadow helmet 27.26
helmet studded helmet 11.57
helmet viking helmet 254.29
helmet xeno helmet 2.0


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
legs black legs 3.07
legs blue legs 39.45
legs chain legs 376.47
legs chaos legs 123.2
legs dwarvish legs 6.13
legs elvish legs 397.87
legs golden legs 53.80
legs jewelled legs 0.11
legs leather legs 533.33
legs magic plate legs 5.84
legs mainio legs 13.97
legs mithril legs 0.03
legs red legs 208.58
legs royal legs 2.81
legs shadow legs 49.19
legs studded legs 1189.94
legs xeno legs 2.0


Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
shield black shield 0.88
shield blue shield 147.86
shield buckler 777.78
shield chaos shield 165.18
shield crown shield 133.47
shield elvish shield 106.13
shield enhanced lion shield 101.87
shield golden shield 21.2
shield green dragon shield 11.3
shield ice shield 0.007
shield lion shield 325.89
shield magic plate shield 23.31
shield mainio shield 9.33
shield plate shield 3838.86
shield red shield 89.37
shield royal shield 4.0
shield shadow shield 113.19
shield skull shield 182.96
shield studded shield 19.17
shield unicorn shield 240.04
shield wooden shield 886.0
shield xeno shield 1.33

Misc. Equipment

updated 2022-05-28

Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
arrow fire arrow 59.43 n/a
arrow golden arrow 552.71
arrow ice arrow 90.13 n/a
arrow power arrow 744.16 636.91
arrow steel arrow 2671.70
arrow wooden arrow 1548.60
missile fire shuriken 81.08
missile shuriken 575.76
missile snowball 370.37
missile wooden spear 1589.38
ring emerald ring 0.09
ring imperial ring 6.45
ring insulated ring 0.73
ring medicinal ring 78.26
ring placid ring 14.77
ring turtle shell ring 0.36


updated 2022-05-28

Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
tool scroll eraser *18.05


updated 2022-05-28

Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
drink antidote 2655.16
drink antivenom n/a
drink apple juice n/a
drink beer 580.17
drink cobra venom n/a
drink deadly poison 254.49
drink disease poison 116.85
drink fierywater n/a
drink fish soup n/a
drink greater antidote 2788.24
drink greater poison 4797.76
drink greater potion *20087.38
drink love potion n/a
drink mana n/a
drink mega poison 0.29
drink mega potion 1357.34
drink mild koboldish torcibud n/a
drink milk n/a
drink minor potion 727.54
drink olive oil 72.46
drink pina colada n/a
drink poison *3851.89
drink potion 12413.32
drink sedative 848.75
drink soup 4.0
drink strong koboldish torcibud n/a
drink tea n/a
drink twilight elixir n/a (special drop)
drink vinegar 72.46
drink vsop koboldish torcibud n/a
drink water n/a
drink wine 380.17
food apple 2420.65
food apple pie n/a
food artichoke n/a
food banana 2266.67
food black apple n/a
food bread n/a
food broccoli n/a
food butter n/a
food button mushroom 1232.13
food candycane n/a
food carrot 625.54
food cauliflower 125.0
food char 195.12
food cheese 73382.25
food cheese sausage n/a
food cheeseydog n/a
food cherry 1236.64
food cherry pie n/a
food chicken 16822.22
food chocolate bar 675.0
food chocolate shake n/a
food clownfish 650.41
food coconut n/a
food cod 3800.62
food collard n/a
food corn n/a
food courgette n/a
food crepes suzette n/a
food easter egg n/a
food egg 44.92
food fairy cake 696.09
food fish pie 805.41
food garlic n/a
food grapes n/a
food greenmint n/a
food grilled steak n/a
food gumdrops n/a
food habanero pepper n/a
food ham 47541.98
food honey *300
food hotdog n/a
food icecream n/a
food leek 212.79
food lemon 2266.67
food lemondrop n/a
food licorice n/a
food lollipop n/a
food mackerel 451.81
food mauve apple n/a
food meat 121028.67
food olive n/a
food onion 195.35
food pear n/a
food peppermint n/a
food perch 477.14
food pie 178.82
food pineapple n/a
food pinto beans 1775.32
food pizza n/a
food pomegranate n/a
food porcini 737.03
food potato 1428.72
food purple apple n/a
food red lionfish n/a
food roach n/a
food salad n/a
food sandwich 299.91
food sausage n/a
food small easter egg n/a
food smoked cod n/a
food smoked ham n/a
food smoked meat n/a
food smoked trout n/a
food spinach 1712.08
food sugar n/a
food surgeonfish 124.22
food taffy n/a
food toadstool n/a
food tomato 633.67
food trout 76.35
food tuna sandwich n/a
food vanilla shake n/a
food watermelon n/a


updated 2022-05-28

Class Item Score Acquired by
Other Means
jewelry black pearl 486.77
jewelry carbuncle 127.64
jewelry diamond 20.13
jewelry emerald 263.12
jewelry obsidian *4.17
jewelry sapphire 375.19
misc bat entrails 4500.0
misc giant heart 2409.75
misc marbles 900.0
misc pelt 104369.08 5113.369
misc rodent trap 1146.34
misc snowglobe 8.50
misc unicorn horn 398.33
misc vampirette entrails 921.05
misc venom gland 55.56
money money *609588.31 777048.91
resource gold bar 6.22
resource gold nugget 46.0
resource grain 728.31
resource mithril bar 0.0006
resource mithril nugget 0.16
resource silk gland 522.79
resource spotted egg 16.32
resource wood 3608.46
special lucky charm 76.37