Dice Gambling


Nice prizes wait for you in the Semos Tavern when you visit Ricardo there. He is the only person in Semos who is licensed to offer gambling activities. That is why you can of course trust him while playing on his table. If you are a gambler and curious about how lucky you can be, try that little game out and you will maybe win lots of useful items.

Location: Semos Tavern


  • Ricardo, he runs the gambling table


The rules are simple:
  • tell Ricardo "play" when you want to try your luck
  • pay the stake of 100 money to receive dice
  • roll (place) dice on gambling table
The higher the sum of the upper faces, the nicer your prize will be.
If you want to relax while hanging around with some friends, this is the right place for you.


Repeatable: Immediately.


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