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Semos is a rural area. It is surrounded by fertile plains, meaning that crops growing and sheep farming are the most common forms of employment in the area. In the past there were mines worked north of the main town, but these are now disused. The town and area have little natural defences, and the army has been relocated, which is why there are calls for help to defend Semos.

Points of Interest in Semos

Semos Village

Semos Village is the original village of Semos before Semos City a bit in the east was founded. It mainly consists of two houses and a sheep fence. Nishiya the sheep seller still lives here. The other house with the blue roof was the old inn but is now used by the city guard Hayunn Naratha to recruit and teach new adventurers. So if you are looking for a sheep here is the right place to go.

Semos City

Semos City is a small town. It has, however, everything that a town needs: a bakery, a temple, a library, a townhall and even a bank. In the centre of the city are unguarded steps leading down to a dungeon. The townhall is in the North of the city and is the biggest building there. The temple is easy to spot, as it has a cross on the roof. Various residents can be met walking around the main square, many will offer help if asked.

Northern Semos Plains

North of Semos are plains which are mostly simply covered in grass and shrubs. The path through the Northern Semos Plains leads to the old Mine Town. In the south of these plains there is a small farm growing carrots, a park full of roaming wolves and a cemetery. The postman stands outside his house to the south east of the region. Roughly in the centre of the plains is a large patch of fertile ground where seeds can be planted.

East Northern Semos Plains

In the east northern area of Semos City there is a huge farm. This is the place where most of the food for Semos City and Ados is produced. Since this farm does not only need to provide Semos City with but although the harbor City Ados, there is a lot of work and help is always welcomed. The grain picked on the farm is milled into flour at Jenny's windmill.

Southern Semos Plains

The plains south of Semos City are crammed full with aeryberry bushes for feeding sheep, so they are very popular for sheep rearers. The experienced warrior Starkad can be found taking his exercise here, he is worth speaking to, to learn all about any creature you wish. The path through the Southern Semos Plains leads south to Semos Forest, and beyond there to Nalwor Forest.

Semos Dungeons

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Information for Players

  • New players enter the world for the first time in the guard house in Semos Village.
  • Monogenes will provide a map of Semos city with the important buildings marked.
  • There is a community chest in the south east of Semos City where you can leave items you don't need anymore for new players.

Photo Gallery

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