2010-03-04 08:40:51

Client Quality Week

This week we are going to concentrate on the software quality of the client and we need your help. We are having two goals:

  1. Learn about any existing error and fix it
  2. Reduce the impact of unknown errors. (The sound driver choked? Okay, that is bad, but the rest of the client should keep working).

We need your help: The Stendhal client runs on a huge number of different combinations of Operating System, Java Versions, graphics and sound drivers. So the developers are unable to test everything.

If you are using the downloadable version (not the "Play now" link), Stendhal creates a folder called "log" and places a stendhal.txt file in there. In this file all client side error and warnings are logged.

It would be very helpful if you uploaded this file using the form below. This file does not contain any personal information (of course you can check that by opening the file with an editor).

Thanks for your help

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