2014-06-05 22:34:26

Development meeting: Website, Privacy, Balancing

We like to invite everyone to a meeting in Semos Townhall on 8th of June (Sunday) from 20:00 to 21:00 server time. You can learn the current server time, by typing /info in the chat line of the Stendhal client.

  1. On the last meeting, we discussed the new Stendhal website, which is live now. We like to learn about potential issue and ideas for further improvements.
  2. We want to talk a little about, why privacy is important. We have been using forced-https, Forward Secrecy and Strict Transport Security for quite some time now, as it is suggested by Reset the net. And since today, we even score A+ on ssltest. But there is still some work to be done.
  3. Does the recent change of limiting atk/def based on level has negative side effects? Did it fix the issues that it was supposed to fix? Is further rebalancing needed, e. g. of monster levels? Is it a bad idea that capped atk/def will become available again, when the player levels up?
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