Diehelm Brui

Diehelm Brui
I proud to be the Quartermaster of the Mithrilbourgh Army. We have plenty of ammunition. However, we are lacking in boots and helmets.
You see Diehelm Brui, the Quartermaster.
steel boots
Value: 1000
golden boots
Value: 1500
shadow boots
Value: 2000
stone boots
Value: 2500
chaos boots
Value: 4000
green thing boots
Value: 6000
xeno boots
Value: 8000
golden helmet
Value: 3000
shadow helmet
Value: 4000
horned golden helmet
Value: 5000
chaos helmet
Value: 6000
magic chain helmet
Value: 8000
xeno helmet
Value: 8000
black helmet
Value: 10000
wooden arrow
Price: 2
steel arrow
Price: 7
golden arrow
Price: 25
power arrow
Price: 45
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