Lost Engagement Ring


Ari has lost his engagement ring while vacationing on Athor. He is worried that his fiancée, Emma, will be angry and asks the player to help retrieve it. The player must use a certain tool on 0_athor_island until he/she finds the ring.



  1. Speak to Ari & accept quest.
  2. Acquire a tool that can be used to find the ring.
  3. Visit Athor Island to search for ring in the sand.
  4. Return ring to Ari.


  • karma
  • extended keyring with 12 slots


  • Quest can be started if player has a keyring, has visited Athor Island, & is level 50 or above.
  • If player loses ring, talk to Ari & say "lost" to reset quest slot.
  • If you get stuck, try asking Ari for "help".


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