Marriage is a ritual which is known in most of our cultures all over the world and also around Faiumoni. It binds two people together in good and bad times. If you find a partner you want to spend the rest of your stendhal life with, you can tie the knots in Fado Church and have a beautiful party and honeymoon afterwards.


Sister Benedicta, the nun of Fado Church
Ognir, the Ring Maker in Fado
Timothy and Tamara at the dressing rooms
the Priest of Fado Church
Linda, Fado hotel receptionist
the happy couple


  1. The nun (Sister Benedicta) explains that when two people are married, they can be together whenever they want
  2. When two players wish to become engaged, they tell the nun (both must stand together and near the nun)
  3. If the groom likes he can buy a diamond engagement ring for his fiancee (not needed at all for quest though)
  4. The nun gives them invitation scrolls for the wedding, marked with the church
  5. Get 10 gold bar and 500 money to buy one wedding ring and you needed two for each player (or character).
  6. The players get a wedding ring made to give the other at the wedding by going to Ognir
  7. Ognir hints that they can get dressed into an outfit in the hotel
  8. When an engaged player goes to the Priest, he knows they are there to be married and checks they have the rings
  9. The marriage rites are performed
  10. The rings and engraved with the partner's name
  11. When they go to the Hotel they choose a lovers room from a catalogue
  12. They leave the lovers room when desired with another marked scroll


1500 XP in total
Wedding Ring that teleports you to your spouse if worn


Wedding Ring is not reward ( because you bought it) but the reward is power to teleport one character to other whom he or she married with.
Nice things in the lovers rooms


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