Meal for Groongo Rahnnt


Groongo is hungry and wants to have a decent meal at Fado's Hotel Restaurant.


Groongo Rahnnt an impatient patron of Fado hotel's dining room.
Stefan Fado hotel's chef.


Speak with Groongo to find out what he would like to eat.
Tell Stefan what Groongo wants.
Gather the requested ingredients for the main dish & bring them back to Stefan all at once.
Stefan will ask that you find out what Groongo would like for dessert.
Ask Groongo what dessert he wants.
Speak to Stefan again to find out which ingredients are needed for the dessert.
Bring the dessert ingredients back to Stefan & he will begin making the order.
Deliver the decent meal to Groongo.
Be sure to pass on Groongo's "thanks" to the chef to receive an extra reward before 10 minutes passes.


from Groongo:
1000 XP
1000-1500 money
10-15 pies
from Stefan:
1200-4800 money
12-48 experimental sandwiches


Repeatable after 10 minutes.


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