Medicine For Tad

Also known as: "Introduce Players"


Tad, an ill boy in Semos Hostel, needs help to get his medicine. The only one who could help is Ilisa, the healer in Semos temple.


  • Tad, the ill boy in the hostel
  • Ilisa, the healer in the temple
  • Margaret, the waitress at the tavern


  1. Ask Tad for a task
  2. Buy a flask from Margaret (price: 5 Money) and return to Tad
  3. Talk to Ilisa
  4. Get a herb called arandula (plains north of semos)
  5. Bring ingredients to Ilisa
  6. Tell Tad to get the medicine


  • 270 XP
  • 10 money

Associated Achievements


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