Mixture For Ortiv


Ortiv Milquetoast is a retired teacher who lives in a big house around Kirdneh city. Unfortunately some assassins made their way into a dungeon beneath his basement. He needs some ingredients for a mixture now which will help him to keep the assassins and bandits in the cellar.


Ortiv Milquetoast, a retired teacher
Erna who helps in Semos bakery


  1. Ask Ortiv for a quest
  2. Collect the items he needs for the quest: one flask, 2 arandula, ten red lionfish, one kokuda; 12 toadstool; two licorice, ten apple, 30 wine; two garlic and one pestle and mortar
  3. Return to Ortiv and get your reward!


A bounded assassin dagger
5000 XP + 25 Karma


You need to get pestle and mortar by Erna


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