Obsidian Knife


Alrak who abandoned the mountain dwarves to live in Kobold City, is getting hungry, and bored. He is a skilled dwarf blacksmith in Wo'fol and wants to read a book about gems and stones for getting inspired again and finding a way for creating better weapons and other stuff.


Alrak, a dwarf who abandoned the mountain dwarves to live in Kobold City
Ceryl, the librarian in Semos


  1. Alrak is hungry and asks for 100 pieces of ham, cheese or meat
  2. Then, Alrak is bored and asks for a book
  3. Get the book from Ceryl, and remember the name of who it is for
  4. Bring the book to Alrak - he reads it for 3 days
  5. After 3 days Alrak has learned how to make a knife from obsidian
  6. Provided you have high enough level, you can continue
  7. Get obsidian for the blade, you must kill a black dragon
  8. Get a fish for the fish bone handle
  9. Alrak makes the knife for you


obsidian knife
11500 XP


Required level to move from the finished reading stage to the offering knife stage > 50


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