Stuff For Baldemar


Baldemar, a friendly mithrilbourgh elite wizard who spends his time in the magic theater in Magical city, will forge a special shield if you ask him for one.


Baldemar, mithrilbourgh elite wizard in the magic theater


  1. Baldemar offers to forge a mithril shield for you if you bring him: 20 mithril bar, 1 obsidian, 1 diamond, 5 emerald, 10 carbuncle, 10 sapphire, 1 black shield, 1 magic plate shield, 10 gold bar, 20 iron, 10 black pearl, 20 shuriken, 15 marbles and 1 snowglobe
  2. After you have brought the list of items in order, Baldemar checks if you have ever killed a black giant alone, or not.
  3. Baldemar forges the shield for you


Mithril Shield
95000 XP
some karma


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