Vampire Sword


Lady Tembells' lover was so upset when she died that he called on a master of black magic to resurrect her. The stranger he summoned was actually an evil vampire Lord, who resurrects all the Lady's maids as vampiresses.

A master dwarf smith, Hogart, in the dwarf mines can forge a Vampire Sword from his remains, if you take the dwarf smith iron, blood, and proof that the Lord is dead.


Hogart, a master dwarf smith
Markovich, a sick vampire


  1. Get Vampire Sword quest from master dwarf smith who lives below the dwarf mine, down the stairs in the green dragon's cave. Start the quest and he gives you an empty goblet.
  2. Go to semos north plains, enter Catacombs with empty goblet and kill all vampirettes. Collect vampirette entrails (guts) from each corpse till you have 7.
  3. Kill the Vampire Lord and take proof from his corpse (His skull ring)
  4. Take empty goblet and 7 vampirette entrails and 7 bat entrails to Markovich who extracts and mixes the blood.
  5. Take the full goblet and 10 iron to the master dwarf smith, who can now forge the Vampire Sword for you.


5000 XP overall
Vampire Sword


Damaging spikes hurt you as you walk through -2 level
Portal systems in -2 level with some one way portals and some teleport buttons


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