Zekiels Practical Test


Zekiel, the guardian of the magic wizard tower in the west of Semos mountains, knows all about the wizards domain and history.


<NPC "zekiel the guardian" not found>, guard of the wizards tower
Zekiel, guard of the wizards tower


Part 1
  1. Zekiel the guardian asks you to bring him 6 beeswax and 2 iron to make magic candles with
  2. Bring the items to Zekiel
  3. You can start the practical test
Part 2
  1. Zekiel informs you about the test and wizards
  2. You will be send to 6 levels now at which you have to choose the right creature
  3. If you made the right choices, you'll be able to reach the spire everytime you want


Part 1
4000 XP
Karma: 10
Part 2
5000 XP
Karma: 10
Being able to visit the spire or store each time you want


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