Zekiels Practical Test


Zekiel, the guardian of the magic wizard tower in the west of Semos mountains, knows all about the wizards domain and history.


Zekiel the guardian, guard of the wizards tower
Zekiel, guard of the wizards tower


Part 1
  1. Zekiel the guardian asks you to bring him 6 beeswax and 2 iron to make magic candles with
  2. Bring the items to Zekiel
  3. You can start the practical test
Part 2
  1. Zekiel informs you about the test and wizards
  2. You will be send to 6 levels now at which you have to choose the right creature
  3. If you made the right choices, you'll be able to reach the spire everytime you want


Part 1
4000 XP
Karma: 10
Part 2
5000 XP
Karma: 10
Being able to visit the spire or store each time you want


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