Tic Tac Toe


The Tic Tac Toe game takes place in the north of Semos, close to the entrance of Semos Mines, which Paul Sheriff, the tic tac toe game master, brings after he comes into town for the Semos Mine Town Revival Weeks.

Location: Semos Mines entrance



  • Two player head to head.
  • The goal is to be first to get three in a row on a 3x3 grid.
  • Competitors have to move tokens in the form of an X and an O.
  • X always goes first.
  • Players alternate placing their tokens on the board until either has three in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) or all nine squares are filled.
  • If a player is able to draw three Xs or three Os in a row, that player wins.
  • If all nine squares are filled and neither player has three in a row, the game is a draw.


There are no prizes, it is just for fun. :)

Repeatable: Immediately.

Only available during Mine Town Weeks revival.


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