Semos Mines

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Short Summary

The Semos Mines have a huge tunnel system in which different kind of creatures live. If you are brave enough, you can explore a wide area to prove your skills.

History and Background Story

The Semos Mines include a huge tunnelsystem which you can enter while going to the North of Semos. Brave heroes can choose after entering which part of the Mines they would like to explore. For smaller levels, the corridors to the west will be nice for earning experience points and leveling up, there is also the chance to gain lots of money and potions from kobolds while being on the adventure, but watch out for the mountain dwarf to the east! If you use the right corridors, you will enter the kobold city Wofol of which you can read more information on this page.

Only brave strong heroes should follow the way to the North-East of the Semos Mines System. Higher creatures wait for you there on your adventure, like all kind of strong dwarves like mountain dwarves and mountain dwarf guardians but you will also meet other creatures like mithrilbourgh soldiers.

First Floor

Kobold City Wofol (West corridors)

These caves underground the mines in the North of Semos. They are used as a city by the army of the kobolds when you move to the west after entering the Semos Mine area. The Kobold name for this city is Wo'fol or Wofol. The city houses are basic and small, there are often dirty floors inside. Little wildlife grows naturally in these caves. There are basic amenities like a bakery which is run by Kroip, an inn and a weapon shop. One of the most famous blacksmiths lives here. His name is Alrak. He is a dwarf, but expelled from his own community. He chose the Kobold city as a place to live out his retirement in. Although he is in retirement already, he tries to help young heroes who will find their way to him. His only friend in Wofol is Wrvil, the weapons trader.

In the south of the city is a graveyard where some eerie undead and stone golems roam.

Some giant kobolds train for the kobold army. They are kept away from the main city, to the west. Beyond these, monks gather around steps leading to another level of caves. Here lives a huge balrog, kept captive by Aenihata who wants to protect Semos. The bravest players are asked by the High Priest to try slaying the beast.

East corridors

The corridors to the east of the Mines are really dangerous. That is also why Phalk is guarding the entrance to that east area. There is something huge there! Everyone is very nervous about that... But what is it which makes even a strong dwarf like Phalk so scared?

Taking a look there makes it clear: Strong creatures are waiting behind... Different kind of dwarves like mountain dwarves are patrolling there. They are bravely trying to defend their Mines. But not only dwarves are waiting for young heroes who find their way there, no, also a new kind of soldiers are showing up to defend the ways to their city called Mithrilbourgh City which is laying above the Semos Mines on the Semos mountains. A short introduction of that city will be given down here. The soldiers which were mentioned here earlier are the strongest guards which Mithrilbourgh city has to be save from attacks. Mithrilbourgh soldiers, mithrilbourgh archers, Mithrilborough lieutenants, mithrilbourgh elite archers and mithrilbourgh sergeants are good examples for these.

If you are finding your way up into the North-East of Semos Mines you will reach mystic areas in which you can find soldiers from the chaos army like chaos soldiers, chaos warriors, chaos commanders and many more. They once were victorious against some dwarves and against the Mithrilbourgh army which are still giving them the right to live there. They are very strong and the rest of the Semos Mines inhabitants are happy, when they are not being attacked by them. They are currently living in peace with each other there.

Mithrilbourgh City

There is a special City which you can reach after passing the corridors to the east of the Semos Mines. It is called Mithrilbourgh City and is positioned on top of the Semos Mountains. You can not reach it from there, you have to pass the Mines to enter it. The city is guarded by the whole Mithrilbourgh armee.

There are two npcs in Mithrilbourgh City who sell and buy items from young heroes. One of them is Diehelm Brui in the Mithrilbourgh store. He mainly buys different kind of helmets like chaos helmets and boots like chaos boots. He is proud to be the Quartermaster of the Mithrilbourgh Army which lacks in boots and helmets. Despot Halb Errvl, the impatient looking man with a military air around him, waits in the throne room for you. His army must have the best items so he asks you for an offer by you for some of the rare mainio armor he has heard of, and he will pay you handsomely if you have the right items for him.

Second Floor

Semos Mines second floor shows a huge diversity of creatures which wait for showing off how strong they are. When you enter the second floor, you will meet a part of the Mithrilbourgh army again which is guarding most parts of the Semos Mines corridors. When you walk on the way through this floor, you will have to make lots of decisions in relation to the way which you want to chose to explore the area. Depending on the way you chose, you will meet different creatures which are differently strong, so take care of where you are going to.

Most of the inhabitants down here are evil chaos soldiers and their crew. What happened to them isn't clear but rumours say that these guys were humans ones with magical power which they used in a really bad and cruel way.


Phalk, a dwarf guardian
Barbarus, a miner
Alrak, a dwarf blacksmith
Wrvil, a kobold trader
Wrviliza, the barmaid of the Kobold's Den bar.
Kormic, her regular customer
Kroip, a baker
Aenihata, a high priest
Despot Halb Errvl, ruler of Mithrilbourgh
Diehelm Brui, the quartermaster
Kobolds: kobold, soldier kobold, archer kobold, veteran kobold, leader kobold, giant kobold
Slimes: green slime, brown slime, black slime
spider, poisonous spider, Monks, death, stone golem, mountain dwarf, imp, Balrog

Information for Players

Player Level
Mountains North of Semos in the Semos Mine Town and through Semos Caves
Dungeon Levels
1-3 (in relation to the parts you are visiting there)
for Wofol: look out for the blacksmith, shops and bakery here

Photo Gallery

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