Antivenom Ring


Jameson is a retired apothecary that has been in hiding. His life became in danger when he refused to help make powerful weapons of war for one of Faimouni's most corrupt leaders. He is skilled in chemistry & alchemy.


  • Jameson the hermit apothecary.
  • Zoey the zoologist in Ados's pet sanctuary.
  • Ognir Fado's ringmaker.


  1. Complete the Traps for Klaas quest to get a note to the apothecary.
  2. Ask Klaas about an "apothecary".
  3. Follow Klaas's instructions & speak with some of the residents of Faimouni's cities to learn where Jameson has been hiding.
  4. Find the secret entrance to Jameson's lab & give him the note.
  5. Jameson can make a special antivenom that can be infused into items to give them special properties.
  6. Jameson needs some ingredients in order to create the antivenom: 1 cobra venom, 2 mandragora, 1 kokuda (Hint: You will need a Minotaur key.), & 20 fairy cakes (these aren't mixed into the antivenom, Jameson just loves them so much).
  7. Zoey can help you acquire some cobra venom. Bring her a vial & the venom gland of a king cobra.
  8. Bring the ingredients back to Jameson & he will begin creating the antivenom.
  9. After you have the antivenom, speak with Ognir & ask him about an antivenom ring.
  10. Bring him the antivenom, a medicinal ring, & 1000 money.
  11. Ognir will infuse the antivenom into the medicinal ring to make it more resistant to poisoning.



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