Help Mrs. Yeti


Mrs. Yeti lives in a cave somewhere in semos mountain. She is mournful, because Mr. Yeti turned away from her. Thats why she asks people for help. She likes to have a special love potion and some other stuff as a present for her husband for saving their marriage.


Mrs. Yeti, who lives under the ice of 0 semos mountain n w4
Salva Mattori, a healer in Magic City
Hackim Easso, the blacksmith assistent in Semos


  1. Mrs. Yeti needs a love potion from a witch in Magic City
  2. Visit the witch Salva Mattori who will inform you of ingredients which she needs to make the love potion
  3. Go to Hackim Easso in Semos for getting a magic knife from him
  4. After that, bring Hackimg Easso 5 pies
  5. Carry the knife, 3 lilias, a kokuda, a glass of wine and a black pearl to Salva Mattori
  6. Then, give the love potion to Mrs. Yeti
  7. Mr. Yeti wants to have a baby dragon
  8. You rescued the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Yeti, grab your award by Mrs. Yeti


getting the offer to buy cheap roach from her
1,000 XP
some karma


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