Pizza Delivery


Leander, local baker in Semos city, runs a successful pizza delivery service. He has customers all around Faiumoni. Related to his great working business, he is always hiring new delivery boys and girls.


Leander (the baker in Semos)
NPCs all over the world (as customers)


  1. Leander gives you a pizza and tells you who ordered it, and how much time you have to deliver.
  2. As a gimmick, you get a pizza delivery uniform.
  3. You walk to the customer and say "pizza".
  4. The customer takes the pizza. If you were fast enough, you get a tip.
  5. You put on your original clothes automatically.


XP (Amount varies depending on customer. You only get half of the XP if the pizza has become cold.)
some karma if pizza delivered on time
Money (As a tip, if you were fast enough; amount varies depending on customer)


Can be repeated as much as wanted, but you can't get a new task while you still have the chance to do the current delivery on time.


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