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This section describes how to extend Stendhal on a technical level.

You can find the main Stendhal Gameserver at


If you add images, audio, or any other type of asset to the source code tree without citing whether or not you are the original author of the work, the source where the work originates, & appropriate licensing, the assets WILL BE REMOVED OR REPLACED. Please do not add any material that you do not know where it came from. This creates more work for us where we could spend the time elsewhere improving the game.

Acceptable citing can be done within the Git commit of the asset or in the appropriate file in the sources directory. If you want to add an asset via the GitHub issues or SourceForge trackers, please cite sources & licensing in the description. If you are the original author of the work simply state that you are, even if you are releasing the work into the public domain. If the work is originally created for Stendhal & is not hosted on another site, then you do not need to reference a source. Be mindful of the definition of a derivative work & give credit to original authors when required by the licensing. We suggest crediting original authors even when they do not require to do so. This helps us keep track of sources.

Acceptable licenses are (from most restrictive to least) Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA), Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), Attribution (OGA BY), & Creative Commons Zero (CC0). If you want to dedicate the work to the public domain please use the CC0 license. Using GPL/LGPL licensing is acceptable as well, but it is preferable to use one of the aforementioned licenses. Derivative works can be licensed under a more restrictive license (e.g. you can use CC BY-SA for a derivative of a CC BY licensed asset) but not under a lesser one (e.g. you cannot use OGA BY for a derivative of a CC BY licensed asset).