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Please see HowToAddCreaturesStendhal for a technical explanation of how to implement new creatures.


These details identify what is needed to define a creature, it may be worth checking the attributes of other creatures of a similar level if you are not sure:

  • name e.g. deer
  • class, general description suitable for a range of creatures, probably already exists, e.g. animal
  • description e.g. You see a defenceless deer, don't try to kill it.
  • image, see image requirements
  • attributes - it may help to look at other creatures of a similar level
    • atk
    • def
    • HP is the health measure
    • Speed - how fast creature moves. Range is from 0 to 1, 1 is speed of player.
    • Size - the size of the collision area on the ground of the creature in tiles: usually 1x1 for e.g. an elf
    • Level
    • XP
  • corpse name - e.g. use animal corpse, use human corpse
  • corpse size
  • respawn - how long it takes to respawn
  • drops
    • which item, % chance, and the quantity range to pick from if stackable
  • ai profiles, see HowToAddCreaturesStendhal#AI_profiles
  • which zones and where should it be placed? How many in each zone? Spread out or located at one area?

Creature suggestions

List creatures here using the above format


Name Level ATK DEF HP Speed Zones
zombie dog


Name Level ATK DEF HP Speed Zones
mermaid 76 Amazon Island, and that lake in Semos Mines.
shark 37 1 to 3. Ados coast, Amazon Island.
Kraken 153 887 102 1835 1 Underwater.

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