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Stendhal NPCs

We want to collect ideas for NPCs on this page. The NPCs do not necessarily have to be part of a quest or having a shop. Some NPCs might just be useful to make the world more lively. The NPCs on this page should be ordered by the place where they are living.

The page is split into sections for each region in Stendhal. Please add new NPCs into the right section.

Each NPC should be structured as followed:

  • name
  • description - for when you 'Look' at them
  • place - where in the given region should the NPC be
  • path - describe a rough path this NPC could follow in his zone
  • dialogue - describe the replies of the NPC when interacting with players
    • greeting
    • offer
    • help
    • job
    • quest
    • add other keywords if you want to add more replies on special topics
    • bye


One more point to the path and behave of the NPCs. We should add more houses that are locked, but the NPC can enter them (by teleporting) and walk out later to go another way or the way back. Ados need more houses anyway. -Laguz-

Ados Market is going to be quite crowded, so there should be many new NPCs who just walk around, look at things from the market stands and maybe bring home their purchased things to the city. They should be quite talkative so they can fill the place with life. The same should be done with NPCs in whole Ados City. -Storyteller


A strong man who works as a carrier.

Newton looks like he is really strong and can carry heavy items.
0_ados_city_n2 at around the boxes and the market stand at (19,13)

(19,13) (19,10) (18,10) (19,10) (19,8) (20,8) (19,8) (19,11) (18,11) (19,11) (19,9) (20,9) (19,9) (19,12) (18,12) (20,12) (18,12) (20,12) (18,12) (20,12) (18,12) (18,13) (11,13) (11,12) (11,13) (19,13)

  • greeting: Hey!
  • offer: I don't know if I'll be able to #help you carrying your items or do some cargo loading for you within the next time, because I still have another #job to do.
  • help: Oh, I can't help you at the moment, sorry. Soon more #merchants and traders will #arrive and the #market #stands have to be ready then.
  • job: I'm setting up these #market #stands and also carry boxes with different goods to their places.
  • quest: I don't have a quest for you, I'm just doing my #job here.
  • merchants: There are already a few merchants here at Ados market. Just have a look around, they offer a lot of different things.
  • arrive: It's said that more #merchants will arrive soon, but I don't know exactly when.
  • market stands: Setting up these stands is a lot of work. Some of them are quite big and these boxes are heavy.
  • bye Bye!

Idea: This NPC is setting up the market stands in Ados market. He should get a new path every new release to show the progress of his work. When at some point all stands are set up (and there are merchants at every market stand), this NPC could do another cargo carrying job (maybe at the docks or at some construction site etc.) Therefore he simply gets new conversation texts and a new place. He could also do a cargo carrying job for players (where the player has a quest to carry some heavy load to some place, but is too weak for that, so he has to find someone who is strong enough to carry it. For a fee, this NPC will agree to carry the cargo to it's destination then, that should be a repeatable quest.)

- Storyteller

Half-Elf girl

A half-elf girl who is on a journey through all Faiumoni and who is currently in Ados City for visiting the city.

You see Aerianna, a really beautiful young woman with elvish ears.
Somewhere around the market, maybe also next to the sea.

(55,47) (55,35) (73,35) (73,23) (76,23) (76,11) (71,11) (71,7) (57,7) (57.23) (28,23) (28,28) (21,28) (21,44) (31,44) (31,47)

- Storyteller

Added --Hendrik Brummermann (talk) 22:31, 14 August 2015 (CEST)

Distillery Customer

A man who stands at Uncle Dag's distillery market stand and is having a drink. He is in mid-age and was working in the Semos Mine until mining stopped there.

You see Hank. He is just having a drink.
0_ados_city_n2 (standing at Uncle Dag's market stand)
The existing NPC Barbarus should have a dialogue topic where he is remembering and talking about this NPC when his name is mentioned, which makes it more realistic then if both know of each other.

- Storyteller

-- NPC implemented and live on test server --Hendrik Brummermann (talk)

Beer Buyer/Seller

(none yet - The beer buyer/seller)
0_ados_city_n2 at (32,20)
none (maybe there can be a path but it doesn't need to be one)
  • greeting: Hello! Nice to see you.
  • bye: I hope you come back soon.
  • offer: (note: This depends on the buyer/seller mode.)
Buyer mode: I buy and sell beer. At the moment I haven't got so much beer so I need some more.
Do you have some beer?

yes: Oh, great! I will give you 15 money for it, is that okay? (value can be different)

yes: Thank you! Here is your money.
Seller mode: I buy and sell beer. At the moment I don't buy beer because I have enough so come
back later if you want to sell some. But do you like some cool beer now?

yes: One beer is 20 money. Do you want to buy it? (value can be different)

yes: Here is your beer! Enjoy it!
  • help: I can help you if you want to buy or sell some beer. And well, it's always a good idea to have a look around at the market and to speak to the people because often they have some interesting news.
  • job: I am a merchant. I buy and sell beer.
  • task/quest: If I am low of beer, you can bring me some.
This NPC needs a special code. He only sells beer in one half hour and buys beer in the other half hour.

- Storyteller

Ingredients guy

0_ados_city_n2 at (32,8)
  • greeting: Hello, strange looking, you...
  • bye: Your feet on the right track you should keep...
  • offer: Nothing to offer, no... But looking for something I am...
  • help: ME needs help, yes... There will come somebody to help, I hope...
  • job: Job? Uhhmm... Not a job this is, but searching for ingredients I am...
  • task/quest: Aahhh, helping me you want to? Some ingredients I need... Not easy it is to get the right ones... Many, many similar look to each other... And not the best eyes I have, it was a looong time ago... *cough, cough* To trust you to find the right ingredients I can?
  • -> yes: Hrmmm, but not easy it is... To get the right ingredients, a list written I have for you... Here! A look at it you should have...
  • -> no: Uhm, so sad, sooo sad this is... But please back you should come, if time you have...

(on returning)

  • greeting: The ingredients you promised to find you have?
  • -> no: If you don't have them, to search for the ingredients on the list you should now...
  • -> yes: Aahhh, a really good ingredient seeker you are, really good... Next time to search for more ingredients I can send you... But here your reward is, take it...
This NPC gives you a list with ingredients on it which you have to bring to him. At the beginning he gives you a list with 3 ingredients or so. The next time you do this quest, he gives you a list with 4 ingredients, then with 5 and so on. You only can do the quest one time in 24 hours.

- Storyteller

Fish Seller

(none yet - The fish seller NPC)
0_ados_city_n2 at (52,27)
  • greeting: Fresh Fish! Fresh Fish!
  • bye: Have a sunny nice day!
  • offer: I can offer you some very fresh fish! It has just been caught!
  • help: Maybe you should look for the fisherman Fritz, he is down there at his hut. Normally he delivers fish to me but sometimes he is busy with repairing his net. And well... if you find him sleeping, tell him he better should get at work before I run out of fish here!
  • job: My job is selling fish. Fresh fish of course! You only get fresh fish here.
  • task/quest: I have no task for you but if you want to do something helpful, you could look for the fisherman Fritz down there at his hut. If he is fishing, everything is alright. If he is sleeping... well, get him at work!
Note for buying
Before you can buy something, this NPC needs to get a delivery from fisherman Fritz. You have to tell fisherman Fritz that he should catch some fish and if he caught some, he delivers them to this NPC. There is a special number of fish, for example if fisherman Fritz has caught 5 fish, this NPC also only can sell 5 fish.
Dialogue if this NPC can sell fish:
buy fish: I have got (number of availiable fish) fish for sale. How many do you want to buy?
buy 1 fish: 1 fish costs (for example) 20 money. Do you want to buy it?
yes: Thank you! Here is your fresh fish!
Dialogue if this NPC cannot sell fish:
buy fish: Oh sorry, I am out of fish... I need to get a delivery from fisherman Fritz before I
can sell fish again. Maybe you should look for him, if he already caught some.
This NPC needs a special code, because he can only sell what he really got as a delivery before.

- Storyteller

Old Fisherman

Fritz (the fisherman NPC) (NPC already added)
In 0_ados_city_n2 somewhere around (67,79)
path in CVS added
  • greeting: Ahoi!
  • bye: See you, matey! And be careful there on this slippy ground!
  • help: Well, I only catch the fish and deliver them to the market in the north. There you can buy it.
  • job: I am a fisherman. For many, many years I went fishing every day. There have been dangerous storms I had to get over and some reeeeeally big fish which almost drown my ship, but of course I always was able to catch them! Hehe! I also deliver the fish to the market.
  • task/quest:
  • offer: I can try to catch some fish for you, if you want.
  • catch: Before I can go fishing, I need some items... For every 5 minutes I try to catch some fish, I need 150 money (value can be different) and something to drink after work... Let's say 2 bottles of beer (can be different). How long shall try to catch some fish?
  • catch 5: Okay, that'll be 150 money and 2 bottles of beer. Do you have it?
  • -> yes: Thanks! I will try to catch some fish now. Please come back in 5 minutes.
This NPC needs a special code. He also really walks to the fish seller NPC at the market and delivers the fish after he has caught it. If he has nothing to do he does different things, like sleeping, repairing the net etc. It is according to the time and to randomness how many fish he will catch. Maybe he can maximum catch the double number of fish that time he is fishing, for example if he fishes 5 Minutes he can catch 10 fish on maximum. So the possibility is from 0 to 10 fish. If he is fishing a longer time there should be a minimum number of fish, because otherwise it would be possible to let him catch fishes for let's say 30 minutes and he really has no luck and gets 0 fish. I don't know if that is good, but let's see...

- Storyteller



Former Scuba Diver

This NPC gifts the player with a diving suit and asks them to dive under the sea and bring something back from the sea floor. Reward scuba diving suit, access to certain portals. If the player loses their suit he can sell them a new one.

Athor Ship Above Deck (17, 40)
none (He stands off the side of the ship and looks out at sea.)
  • greeting: *Sigh* eh... oh, ahoy!
  • bye:
  • offer: Hm, maybe you'd like to go on an adventure? (Might amend later)
  • Hm, maybe you'd like to go on an adventure?
  • adventure: You see, before I served on this crew, I used to be an accomplished scuba diver! I went on all kinds of underwater adventures.
  • job: I'm an assistant on this ship. (Include something off hand about retired diver)
  • description: Edward helps out above deck. He seems preoccupied with something.
There's sunken treasure under the sea below the ferry.

- Soniccuz


Kalavan City

Personal Trainer (Guard)

This NPC should allow you to switch from a "normal" mode to a "train" mode. Normal mode: (the way stendhal now works with characters) Train mode: when you kill an enemy the xp points you would earn will not added to your level-xp points but to the skill with lower value (so if def < atk the xp would be added to def. If they are equals they would be added to attack). Quest reward should be not effected by train mode, so xp would be added to level xp points (but however also quest could be effected by train mode if someone thinks it is better to do so). Specials: the switch could cost money - for example 3000 money

Don't know if it is possible to implement such a thing, but could be a nice options for those ones who have low skills and don't want to train

(none yet)
(none yet - A place outside Kalavan City I think, but could be elsewhere perhaps Ados - better if not a too hard place to reach for a lev < 80)
none (maybe there can be a path but it doesn't need to be one)
  • greeting: Hello! May I help you?
yes: (same as "help")
  • bye: Come back again if you need it
  • offer: none
  • help: You are currently in (normal/train) mode. I can change your current mode to (train/normal) mode. See (stendhal site page) for more details. Do you wanna to change your current mode? (It will cost only 3000).
  • job: I am an old soldiers who train heroes to become even stronger