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Stendhal is a work in progress and we actively need help.

If you are interested in any of these tasks, or have other ideas, please visit IRC at #arianne There we can also provide help in getting our source code so that you can modify files, setting up an IDE if you want to code or test, and detailed guidance on whichever specific task you are helping us with.

Please upload tested patches and new files to the patch tracker.

There are some much longer term, tentative goals described at the Stendhal refactoring pages.



We are always interested in new Stendhal Quest Ideas.

In particular we are seeking some quest ideas to direct new players to appropriate areas in a natural way. E.g. quests to visit semos dungeons, the kobold mines and kobold city, quest to point you to ados rock, the orc pit, etc.


We need help with

  • Please choose your favourite NPC and simply ask them all those keywords like hi, help, job, offer, quest, bye and any other blue words.
  • Save the chatlog (right click on chat log, click save) and upload it here for us.


Please add zones, with appropriate level and what coordinates the player teleport to, to Magical Orb in Kalavan


We have some nice sounds but we need to know where to play them. Please have a listen to the music files in our source code and create a list for us of where you think each music should be played.

We are happy for new music and sound effects to be added. Please see Stendhal Sound.


If you think more items should have a min level please add to min level list.

We need help specifying damage types for items and resistance types of creatures. E.g. a dark dagger is of magical type Dark and so a dark creature like black giant can resist it but a light creature like archangel struggles to defend it. Magical types suggested are in pairs:

  • Fire / Water(and Ice)
  • Earth / Air
  • Dark / Light

For more details on adding new item ideas please see Stendhal Item Ideas.


We have lots of maps and many would benefit from more details, and you can check them out in our Refactoring Atlas page, or just pick a map to improve and check your plans with us at IRC #arianne. Right now the world is already very large and we focus on improving existing maps (by decorating them better for example) rather than adding new ones.

I suggest you check our map tutorials if you are interested in editing maps for stendhal: How To Use Tiled To Create Stendhal Maps


Please see StendhalRefactoringGraphics for graphics specification and needed images.

See Stendhal_missing_images for images that have been removed & need replaced.


Stendhal has a plot. Have a look at the links below to help us expand and complete it.

TODO: Why 2 different refactoring pages for history? These should be merged and any links to them corrected


Information related to developing code, including our code conventions, is at StendhalCodeDesign.


With an evolving game, we of course have some bugs and these are reported at Bug tracker. So, if you can help us fix a bug please add a comment telling you plan to do it and how much time you expect to take. If in doubt please ask.

Feature requests

There are also open Feature Requests submitted by developers or by players. If you are interested in working on one, please do ask.

There are also developer tasks at the developer tracker


  • Writing test cases for client with some usual situations and then verify server reply.
  • Junit testing


We are aware the client does need refactoring. One of the first goals is:

  • Split j2DClient into smaller classes

Quests and NPCs

If you would like to try coding any of the existing Stendhal Quest Ideas this is very welcome, please see Stendhal Quest Contribution.

Some quests are still using a lot of fire(player, npc, sentence) methods with an 'if' condition inside, and some standard action like adding XP or setting the quest slot. They should be using the NPC chat conditions which implement ChatCondition, and chat actions which implement ChatAction.

Likewise all of the seller, buyer, healer, and producer 'adder' classes should be refactored to use those standard conditions and actions where possible.



We maintain a manual and various guides for players to learn how to play Stendhal.
You can help us improve Stendhal's manual, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Beginners Guide.


  • There are many pages with a 'TODO' such as StendhalItems and more.
  • StendhalAtlas region pages like Fado need descriptions, images and details, others like Kalavan may not be started yet
  • StendhalHouses page needs help, the external images need uploading to the wiki and linked there

Stendhal Javadoc

Please help us improve our code readability with more comments and javadoc.